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Problems Thread 
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Shesara wrote:
... People who only want to RP don't care as much about size, but they end up being restricted if their guild ends up in a war against huge players. Why should they be penalized for being creative and making the game fun for roleplayers?

You can also turn that question around, asking: Why should people need to grind when they can just roleplay for size/power? Furthermore, what guilds will be chained to grind for power, while others just freely rewarded such due to their title/RP capabilities?

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm actually all for different variants of rising to power. I'm in love with the concept of asymmetric progressions, and truly belive they all can be adequately balanced through asymmetrical models of balance.

When I see a Rose knight, I view them as the elite ones of the order. These are the veterans, the proved ones. Formidable members of the knighthood. Same goes for most high-ranked members of various orders.

Hypothetically and philosophically, I can imagine other sensible ways to grow in relative power in addition to the grinding component in a game, even Genesis:

1. Power through time, using RL time as factor. (dragons, dragonkind, vampires, liches or similar)

2. Through position. (nazgul, balrog, rose knights, high sorcerers/warlocks/magesmost high-ranked members of various significant organizations etc)

But I think common for them all should be a similar weight in time invested/effort. Maybe you need to squire around doing x relevant stuff for x time to be promoted to knight? Maybe you need to prove your worth on the battlefield in some significant way to ascend further into the orders? Or if you are a dragon hatchling: Survive the early onslaught, fight other hatchlings over limited resources to ascend one step closer up? The way it's played changes (different game experiences, along with new boons and limitations), but how you ascend to legendary ranks or stature should ideally be an epic journey, something that's not just freely given by a promotion command.

Size/power must weight something, must have a value, therefore I think free stuff are inherently worthless, nomatter how many emotes you use. :)

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02 Nov 2016 14:37
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