Welcomes and Farewells.

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Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Ydred » 17 Sep 2014 22:02

Lilith said X.

Gorboth said Y. (not sure why I couldnt post a response there but here are my thoughts.) They are much more than just a Love it comment :P

Sounds great.

But I think it could mean something else.

Why do the players need take it like this?

Why not the admin?

Why not realize that currently there is a poll
where more want quests published or abolished
than want have them exist as they do now.
Almost by a 3:1 margin currently. And look
into changing the way quests are done?

Why not look and see that many mortals talk
daily about the boring nature of what to do?
Lets see. XPing is either trolls trolls or
more trolls. Or what?

Lets update areas that are dead. Lets make
an AoM wizard position. Arch of Mobs.
Lets let mobs be balanced so they give out
(mostly) equal amounts of xps given the
(subjective) difficulty. I know it is hard
but it is very doable. And players are growing
and so what? The soft cap exists for a reason.
If we all get there, maybe we will enjoy the
journey enough to make alts.

Why this game has to be so stubborn in entering
into the currrent age of gaming is beyond me.

Dead areas ... huge ones that could bring much
enjoyment to many ....

Gobo Caves


Silver Forest

Kalad (desert area?)

khalahor (at least put something here .... the
experiment to have an RP area ... failed)

Expand some areas .... terel trolls so damn small
water krougs?

Emerald ... more orcs .... more more more as I
love emerald (it actually has my favorite quest)

Get Fangorn done .... who doesnt want spiders?

And I wont even mention wiz projects that get to
completion and get axed cause we cant do this or
that ... why not let it out there and see how the
players respond ... instead of taking the wind
out of the sail of a creative wizard?

I think many could add ideas to make the game more
enjoy able as we play .... and currently, find
much lacking .... or the same ... stagnant blah
that after a period of time ... I get frustrated
and barely log in or dont .... and I have this
nostaglia to call me back ... new blood doesnt
have any of this ... they have a myriad of games
to choose from that put fun high on the priority

But I imagine there is alot of wiz politics
some just like to huff and puff ... meh :)
Politics always gets in the way of fun.

When choosing between two evils, I always like
to try the one I haven't tried before. (Mae west)

We have tried the admins genesis for a long time.
Why not really listen to us players instead? (I know
meanie me and my accusations that you 'dont' listen.
It sure feels that way for many of us some of the time.
And some of us much of the time. I tend to fall in the
former group though it still irritates me after some
We know how to play games and what makes them fun.
Most of us are very avid gamers.

Just my two cc while I wait out this flood in my area.
Nostalgia is such a nice word ... ususually tainted by
rose colored glass effect .... careful you must be
when wearing them

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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Amberlee » 17 Sep 2014 23:35

I completely agree with Ydred here.

You wizards have done it your way for years now and in truth, its more of the same old.
Been asking for them to listen to the players for years now.
Glad to see someone else of the same opinion.
The views posted by me on this forum is not the views of the character Amberlee in-game.
If you ask for my opinion here, you will get MY opinion, not that of my character.

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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Zar » 18 Sep 2014 19:03

Ydred, I feel your pain...
But... Wiz and do it yourself.

Wizards are volunteers who has private life.
Noone pays them for doing all the stuff they do.

You have ideas how to revive Khalakhor? Join wiz force there and make all the amazing thing you want.

The only thing that I really agree is that questing should be resolved in some way. Although I don't have a solution that will not lose players and will create balanced gameplay. Do You?

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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Cherek » 18 Sep 2014 23:38

Zar said it.

Ydred and Amberlee I am sure you'll both be welcomed with open arms if you wanted to create a wiz and make some of that happen.

As i am sure you know we have only a handful of active or semi-active wizards and none of them have nearly as much time as they had in their youth. Everyone, from admin to regular wizards to mortal all agree there's much that could be done to improve the game. You mentioned a few issues here Ydred. The problem is not like many mortals think, that "admin dont listen to players". Yeah they do, and they usually already feel the same about many things. Genesis definitely needs more players, but it needs more wizards almost more.

And if someone wants to help out with either web page content or marketing, I'll gladly accept help. I am just returning from a fairly long summer break from Genesis and will take up that work again.

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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Bromen » 19 Sep 2014 07:51

What kind of coding is needed to code for the game?

Could we submit code without becoming a wizard?

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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Avatar » 19 Sep 2014 11:24

bromen wrote:What kind of coding is needed to code for the game?

Could we submit code without becoming a wizard?
They could perhaps reintroduce the old Madwand position.
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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Cherek » 20 Sep 2014 02:38

bromen wrote:What kind of coding is needed to code for the game?

Could we submit code without becoming a wizard?
Genesis code is LPC, a version of C code.

The best thing is to talk to Gorboth if you're interested in helping out (unless it's web or marketing, then talk to me!). Many mortals have helped out with different aspects of the game in the past, from ideas to descriptions and out of game content, and perhaps even in some instances code? Not sure about that though.

Although if you want to provide code, why would you not want to have wizard character? It would most likely be much simpler.

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Re: Welcomes and Farewells.

Post by Cherek » 21 Sep 2014 13:00

Castaneda: I don't disagree with you in that it would be great if it was simpler to test new things and learn on your own like you propose. Not at all.

But with our current system it's probably easier to get a wiz, than provide code that someone else should implement etc. Currently, if you have an idea, and know how to code, the easiest way is to wiz and implement it yourself. If it's not code, but other types of content like descriptions, ideas and stuff, mortals often help out with things like that.

But like I said, if someone wants to help, why not just chat up Gorboth and talk about it? What you want to do, and how you wanna do it, etc. From my experience the current admin is very open to people who truly wants to help out.

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