Grinding areas for new players

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Re: Grinding areas for new players

Post by Fairlight » 23 Feb 2015 16:44

Making areas for new players is good and needed. Making them easy to reach for said new players is even more paramount. I am fully behind that.

So, besides just jumping the bandwagon, here's a small thought. What about making some "Dungeons" where player's old or new, could try out
their skills. What I am getting to is the following: size-restrictions, 15-20 rooms with mobs, an end boss, who will perhaps yield a reward with gear,
money or general xp ?
You could have a dungeon master take place in Sparkle, and teleport the player(s). Make the option of good or evil, even neutral mobs be inside,
so alignment can be fixed regarding joing guilds.

Just a general thought for the list of ideas already put on display.


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Re: Grinding areas for new players

Post by Drip » 24 Feb 2015 05:18

Fairlight, sounds too easy compared to other stuff in the game.

Time limit, rules that don't allow some items to be used, and other limits can be set?
But then most RPG games with worlds like this have similar things to dungeons.
(if you don't understand what I've written, assume I have bad wording)

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