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Confused about an optional setting. 
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I think enough rangers or knights already steal weapons from goodies...
I don't need the whole game to be taking the good equipment, and leaving the guy alive.

07 Jan 2016 16:16
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Creed wrote:
I think enough rangers or knights already steal weapons from goodies...
I don't need the whole game to be taking the good equipment, and leaving the guy alive.

You could of course make it so the NPC/player you knock don't lose any EQ, and just get knocked for a few seconds. Or that it only works on players. Etc. Plenty of ways if we wanted it globally. Although I am pretty sure we tested it once, but decided against it for some reason? Don't really remember tho... anyone else remember this?

07 Jan 2016 16:49
Yes, the mercs used to have it. It was talked about being opened to the public, and I don't recall if it was for a short time. However, the knights complained that it was their unique ability, and the decision was made to accommodate them. So it was taken away from everyone but them.

It's a shame really. It's a pretty useful ability in PvP where you don't want to kill the person but want to teach them a lesson.

07 Jan 2016 17:09

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Yes, I didnt even consider this to be an option for non-pvp. So agree with earlier posts, that this would be a nice feature for player interaction.

07 Jan 2016 17:58
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Dhez wrote:

I have a question which may give fruit to either a bug report or a
required clarification on one specific option found within the help
files of the game.

While examining the help topics, I came across a one listed under
'combat' and called 'mercy'.

Curious as to what this was, I further investigated by use of 'help
mercy', which returned the following:


This is not a command, simply information.

With the command "options merciful on/off" a player can decide whether
or not to be merciful when the battle is won. Being merciful means
that the fight ends just before the death of the unlucky victim.

As a consequence, the victim will not lose his or her life, but you
may still claim the loot. Being merciful does not give the full
experience that killing would have given. Though it may be beneficial
to your alignment as well as other things.


So I decided to try it out and used 'options merciful on' which returned:
Merciful combat <mercifil>: On

After which I proceeded to test it out, curious as to what difference it
would make in combat and how the aforementioned definition of the help files
would be implemented.

The problem was that after attacking and subsequently winning the fight,
I killed my opponent and stood upon a corpse. The option set apparently
not changing in any way the development of a fight.

Can some of the more experienced players or wizards provide some insight
on this particular setting?


It is a training for Knight, one may learn to use it by setting it on, without it having the full efficiency. You killed a creature, don't blame the device for it.


"Tis but a scratch" - Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

02 Feb 2016 15:53
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