Map and the donut

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Re: Map and the donut

Post by Jooli » 17 Feb 2016 20:43

Some bug messages dont seem to be picked up. I know the map has been bug notified. ( ... map#p30274)

I remember bugnotifying the guy you give a beer in newbie tutorial a year or two ago, and the bug was still there when I tried it again a month ago.

Same with sysbugs I've left, prolly left the same sysbug about stat distribution on meditate bugging 3-4 times over the last years.

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Re: Map and the donut

Post by Syrk » 17 Feb 2016 23:19

I remember mentioning it to a wizard a few months back.

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Re: Map and the donut

Post by Cherek » 18 Feb 2016 01:45

Well, it's quite simple really, we're not enough wizards to be able to handle all bugs, and the bug report system is not really made for our smaller team of wizards.

Each domain has it's own bug logs, and when Genesis was designed lieges in each domain should handle such things, and delegate fixing things to their team of wizards etc. Now most domains have no lieges, and we do not have that many active wizards still (although a lot more than a year ago!), but almost nobody becomes a wizard with the goal to fix bugs, and we generally let people to work on what motivates them. So yeah, the list of bugs is LONG, and not very closely monitored I fear, partly because we're too few wizards, and/or nobody who really wants to do it, and partly because we have no modern centralized way of tracking bugs, assigning bugs to wizards, etc. To be able to handle _all_ bugs and typo reports we'd probably need Arch of Bugs with a team of bugfixers, and a better system for tracking them.

That does not mean we never fix things, the AoP fixes things now and then, and other arches and wizards too, but it's very likely some bug reports are not seen. Or someone checks them but has no time, or knowledge, on how to fix it.

That does not mean you should stop reporting bugs though, it's very good to have a record of bugs and typos. When some wizard do decide to enter bug-fix mode, that's very valuable.

If serious bugs are encountered it's probably good to let us know more directly though. And if I one day see a wizard application saying "I am a skilled programmer with 20 years experience and I want to dedicate my life to fixing Genesis bugs and typos" I will cry with joy.:)

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Re: Map and the donut

Post by Kraf » 06 Apr 2016 06:47

I too continue to have the map be blank where it should be working. This in areas where the map was working before...sometimes just 10 minutes before.

I didn't know about the discard map trick, so I just wait for it to "fix itself". I bur reported it at least twice when it occurred. Now that I know the trick, i will try it.... but i hope for it to be fixed.

Maybe a simple fix would be to make it auto give you a new map when you discard it?

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Re: Map and the donut

Post by Elemmiire » 06 Apr 2016 10:32

The problem mostly about <exa map> instead of on-the-go map portion in top right corner of Webclient. Victims usually use Mud-clients and mobile devices I noticed, and I do sometime I see the map is blank when <exa map> at Bree in Webclient when on-the-go map still function normally.

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Re: Map and the donut

Post by Arman » 13 Apr 2016 11:59

For those interested in sailing around the Courrain and Blood Sea of Istar, magic maps now work for boats (thanks to Mercade and Carnak for the codework on that!). There are now sailing maps that span from Kalaman down to Horned Bay in Mithas.

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