Imbuement and Other Changes

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Imbuement and Other Changes

Post by Sykil » 20 Feb 2016 03:14

gorboth wrote:Rest assured that an indirect boost for Calians was not part of the plan. That it might be a reality is indeed something I care to avoid, so we'll be looking into that. Also, I can see your point about giving some forewarning and involving the community in idea-generation, rather than just talking to individual mortals and fellow wizards.

In that spirit, here's a few ideas we've been discussing:
  • Creating a money-sink option that allows players to repair broken items once a day for a substantial fee.
  • Giving the smith crafting guild the ability for players who have achieved high enough skill to repair broken items once a day.
  • Increasing the amount of damage it takes to break weapons/armours.
This is great transparent. Thank you for sharing.
I think only ideas are in general are bad. I think so, because I think objectives are good. Ideas with out objectives are bad. Ideas for objectives are good.
What are top five problems or ojectives to everyone?

  • Rewarding roleplayers
  • Stopping botters (cheaters) from scripting to well that they get ridiculous stats and so much platinum they can script buy everything they want from auction instant before any human can read new auction and have intense speed on item regularly and cause game to rethink itself angerly every year.
  • More and better event
  • Better brutal system
  • what else?
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Re: Imbuement and Other Changes

Post by gorboth » 08 Mar 2016 22:09

With today's Army, imbue spawn rates have been given another slight increase by Cotillion. Should be somewhat more common now to drop. We're studying the distribution and listening to reports from players, so please keep those reports coming (respectfully, of course!)

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Re: Imbuement and Other Changes

Post by morgzaash » 16 Apr 2016 22:05

Auction house empty.
Imbues on players : in last 3 weeks seen only one on Irk.
Weapons : not breaking on prime but dulls much faster.

We, as community would like to have some information about changes you include in game.
I know this is not proffesional game and there will be no numbers 3.1.2,4.2.4 etc. but consider
posting some info about changes and directions you're going to ....

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