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Seeing the word "Yikes!" in gameplay messages 

Read the explanation below, and then please vote:
The word "Yikes" bothers me. Please change it to something else. 32%  32%  [ 13 ]
The word "Yikes" doesn't bother me. 68%  68%  [ 28 ]
Total votes : 41

Seeing the word "Yikes!" in gameplay messages 
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There is lot of spam during a fight, noone sane would read it all and notice such a message.
Maybe in some first fights. Surely not later on. So there is no problem as you will not see it.

If you hide the spam, then you can also hide or change the Yikes message. Besides 'Yikes' is quite
distinctive, so it even helps in this matter. So there is no problem as you will not see it, if you do not want.

I make 'Yikes' colorful and add sounds so i can notice them easily.

I do not really get this thread.

02 Mar 2016 03:05
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Syrk wrote:

I do not really get this thread.

Neither do I.

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02 Mar 2016 09:33
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I don't think the comments are complaints. I think its just a matter of preference.
And I think the people who prefer not to have the word "Yikes!" .. and instead something like "Crunch!" .. are just making a polite request and explaining their reasons for it. If it doesn't bother you either way .. perhaps just move on to another thread instead of letting someone else's preference stir up what seems to be annoying you. It really shouldn't.

If something I wrote sounds confusing ... assume you misunderstood it.

02 Mar 2016 13:02

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Does the word "Yikes" bother me?
BOTHER... no. Is it spelled correctly? Yes. Is it used in a correct manner? Yes. Is there awful, terrible, horrifying syntax that comes with using the word? No.
I'd say it's a win. If I don't like it, I can change it to mean something else in my client, much the same lots of others do with torque recognition.

I'd vote fixing the things spelled incorrectly, used poorly, or awful, terrible, horrendous syntax mechanics than actually looking for problems.

02 Mar 2016 19:49
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I admit, I have come to agree with Etanukar on this. It is spelled correctly and has not grammatical or syntactical problems. I just don't see my character using the word (I don't think I've used the word in RL since possibly grade school, I was a soldier for many years and am much more likely to use words best rendered in text by asterisks and other punctuation marks).

That being said, I have changed my vote. I am not a combat animal and I don't expect to see it more than a couple of times a month. I do appreciate being notified when my weapon is becoming damaged so I can run to a smith.

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05 Mar 2016 04:11
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