Orcish runts are goblins

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Orcish runts are goblins

Post by Gronkas » 03 Oct 2016 23:09

Dear fellow inhabitants of the Donut,

it has recently been put to our attention by at least four different individuals on five different occasions that there has been a slight confusion in the orc temple near Sparkle regarding the leftovers found on the bodies of orcish runts. When you find goblin eyes, toes, teeth and livers on the corpse of an orcish runt please let me assure you all is well (except, obviously, for the orcish runt).
While the runts are orcish in nature, their overall race - as for many orcish creatures - is goblin. While it would certainly be within the powers of wizards to change this should we so desire there are absolutely no plans to do so.

So by all means keep enjoying your fresh goblin skull or succulent goblin eye off the limp body of an orcish runt.

Your faithful servant
Gronkas, the Enthusiastic Entomologist - Sparkle Bug Squad

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