Stealing in Genesis

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Re: Stealing in Genesis

Post by Melarec » 11 Apr 2016 17:54

How about make stealing from closed containers possible, within certain parameters. Such:
  • • It takes a long time, maybe 30 seconds (60 seems a bit much)
    • The other player gets a notification that their pack opened. (After a bit?)
    • If the other player does any action at all, the thief is detected
    • Perhaps make it necessary for the thief to search the pack first <tsearch/thiefsearch pack>
    • Maybe make it a thief guild ability. Otherwise, a random item is acquired
    • There was one other thing, but I can't remember what it was..
Make it possible to imbue containers with "wards" to block stealing. Of course, they would run out after a while, but be fairly easy to replace. And warded containers could do special things as well.. Perhaps a specific one could sound an alarm to all in the room that "so and so" is a thief. Others could cause damage or disorient the thief. A particularly powerful one could even lock the thief in place, stopping their movement for a short time. Obviously, the cost would increase for each of these and some would be one-offs, like the one that freezes the thief. What I mean is that it triggers then needs to be reset. Perhaps even make it possible to stack the wards.. Like the one that freezes the thief would trigger first, then the one that sounds the alarm, then all that would be left would be one that just makes thievery impossible..
Endless possibilities!

Lockable containers would be neat too. Then the thief would have to unlock, search, then steal, making them incredibly likely to be caught. Though if someone locks their own key in there that could be troublesome..


Re: Stealing in Genesis

Post by Greneth » 27 May 2016 04:22

Im gonna Necro this because stealing is not fine as it is, its crap.

Look, I get that this is a bit of a foreign concept but Thieves are actually suppose to be feared for their sticky fingers.

You started with some good changes to steal, removing the ability to steal anything and making it so you cant steal worn/wielded items.

Then domains started ignoring charts and straight out making no-steal NPC's, I'm running into these more and more now.

You use to be able to steal in combat, that was changed too and debatable.

Now come the fun changes, you created a delay for stealing to prevent people from entering a room and holding down the enter key to spam. Good change but what was the reason that Thieves had to start doing this? High Awareness.

Use to be able to steal heaps, cant do that anymore which is understandable its a bit silly to steal that much at once. But instead of finding a good formula now with Sup Guru Pick Pocket I'm lucky if I can successfully steal 10 coins.

Seems like a well thought out risk vs reward system, oh lets not forget that everyone is coding to attack thieves on fails now too. Hell do it in Palanthas and you're either dead or in jail if you cant kill them. But it makes perfect sense to allow smiths to script forge 24/7 and make -Thousands- of plats. Or for a herbalist to find herbs that restore, health, mana, cures poisons... but be sure to crack down and limit those 10 coins!

You added a tiny exp gain to steal, no one asked for this and in no way shape or form is this some kind of benefit that evens out all these negatives.

And my favorite... for the first time in my gaming career I can finally say I have played a Thief where mana was taken for stealing like some kind of mage. And not just mana but stamina too!

So lets recap...

We have NPC's/Domains which directly code no steal NPC's now, we have completely ignored the problem with a crafts guild still to this day giving 50-60 awareness and the general issue with OCC guilds giving out awareness just because, you put a bandaid on a problem and prevented the steal spam instead of just fixing the main problem with it that caused people to steal spam, you took a silly situation with heaps and made it completely unreasonable with the games economy and in comparison to what the other crafts guilds can make with "0" risk and last but not least made stealing take a portion of stamina which isnt something I havent seen... but mana as well?!?!

Let's not forget the indirect huge blow by putting out the new who list which makes it impossible to be anonymous in this game anymore. nlist, who fm and lets play the "Find the Name Game". Hell we've got people like Amberlee straight up calling out thief descriptions on the ntell now days. About the only thing they can conceal themselves with is partially with a costume from the museum (Lets not nerf that too now) and darkness. One of which is completely nullified with torch triggers.

Let's not even get into the issue of how far behind the times the Thieves Guild itself is, not sure how the Drow Racial gets more sneak/hide then a layman guild whose sole purpose is sneaking/stealing...

The saddest part of it all? If you people would just buy pouches that tied and close all containers.... YOU WOULDNT GET ROBBED. If you're not going to completely fix the awareness/sneak/hide/pick pocket then dont touch it, please. Because you're not even beating a dead horse at this point, your pulling hairs off its rotting corpse.

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