New Event: Global War

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Re: New Event: Global War

Post by Vyasa » 13 Dec 2016 13:42

My very personal opinions:

Yes, ideas are great. The problem here is how ideas for events conflict with the roleplay a domain, guild, or an individual may have.

Events should be something that players 'can' participate in but shouldn't be 'forced' to, especially those whose roleplay doesn't fit the idea of the event. An implicit diminishing of anyone unwilling to participate in such events could be interpreted as coercive.

The concept of soldiers, troops, war... May fit some domains and guilds, but not all.

Any events that involve warring factions will evoke emotions that remain in existence beyond the event itself. We know our community holds grudges and cannot differentiate between one thing and the other, as much as we'd like to wish it were otherwise. Some join a non warring guild for a reason.

Such events are a lot of work for the wizards involved, and require not only someone willing to put the work in, but also a wizard who has earned enough trust to be granted access to all that is required in order to implement the event.

I don't see it as an excuse. It's the same as with mortal guilds. Just because someone comes up and has a fantastic idea on how to modernize the <insert guild name here> doesn't mean the leaders of that guild will scoot over, allow the newcomer to make those changes because he or she 'put in the work' and be content with them. Positions of power in guilds are hard to achieve, same as in the wizard world.

A mortal of a guild cannot tell another of a different guild: change this, it'll be fun. I gave you the idea, but you take responsibility. In the same spirit, it is incredibly difficult for one mortal to come up with an idea and say: now code it. As a wizard, my todo list is extensive, my vision broad, and my love for what I may offer mortals is great. I put in the work for my ideas and those I believe in. If there is someone with another idea, the solution will always be: wiz and code it. Why should I invest all my time and energy as a volunteer to make anyone else's dreams come true?


Wiz, work on a hundred projects, fix a thousand bugs, create new areas, code some quests, earn your stripes, and then code your ideas. Old but true. We can't hand out permissions like candy to anyone interested. Ranks are earned, same as in the mortal world. Hard work, skill, dedication, and trust.

A different approach? Create ideas that are less extensive. Focus on evading possible objections by limiting ideas to specific areas within specific domains, include guilds considered warring guilds, and attempt to establish a dialogue with the wizards available in that domain to 'sell your idea'. In the end, this is precisely what this thread is about: selling an idea. Most of the community did not have an interest in buying it. They may have their reasons, or they may acting based on other factors. Regardless of which (and this also works in real life), the decision to buy or pass lies in the hands of the one with the money (or how mentally weak they are and the influence media may have on them).

Raising a banner will not automatically make the troops rally around it. Things may sound cool to some, but not to everyone.

Everyone has ideas. Everyone is free to express them. We can't just shoot people down and call it whining for not buying into each and every one of those ideas and actively investing their time and effort working to make someone else's idea better if they're not interested.
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Re: New Event: Global War

Post by Melarec » 13 Dec 2016 17:59

Best Wizard response I've read all year.

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Re: New Event: Global War

Post by Emmiline Calaith » 13 Dec 2016 22:11

Melarec wrote:Best Wizard response I've read all year.
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Re: New Event: Global War

Post by Cherek » 14 Dec 2016 05:07

Melarec wrote:Best Wizard response I've read all year.
Better than ALL my 1.578 posts this year? *pout*

But fine, sure, it was actually a really good post. Vyasa pretty much nailed it. So I have nothing to add here!

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Re: New Event: Global War

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 05 May 2017 22:36

Im a bit late it seems.
Was a very detailed idea, with very admirable goals, its great that ppl take time to put these fwd..
I feel ya, Genesis gets ideas and creative juices flowing in in all of us.

Only thing I didn't like was players couldn't attack whatever they want. A resource war not as fun as being able to join in.

The wizard perspective was nice to hear too.
I will try to bear the advice in mind for all future sugestions. ty

And now is as good a time as any for ideas.
Krynn has a war system.
Involve more people, let anyone be able to sign on with a few new factions who want to avoid one of the existing factions wining.

The Flotsam Liberation Army
Palanthas City State
Association of free traders
what ever
Some new factions allied to existing limiting them to who they can conquer
Others totally independant

Currently before conquering a plain the fighting sort of fizzles out.
Instead make it intensify.. Fighting draws npc defenders towards the location.
Set a max number of npcs allowed to occupy one room so tanking not get impossible.
But as soon as one dies another enters.

Make npc teams autohunt for a few rooms.
But players are ultimately able to control the engagement and set the tank / switch it out in the usual ways.. ie set last in team then move
When plain is half conquered every thing on it recognises your team as the enemy and will auto attack u if u enter their room.

With the final battle, you conquer the plain but new factions cant hold it. The existing faction with fewest plains move in.

Reward type could bet set by faction you chose.
Have qexp (all factions ) plus cash (independants) or meaningful equipment rewards (allied factions)
*GASP* QEXP for fighting?! yeah why not. Like same as whatever the amount for a weakly quest is (not a typo lol)
Its repeatable every 60 hours.

The level of fighting required a bit more than mithas or icewall, should take more co operation than ur std grinding session.
give existing factions a way to reduce no of enemys in room and therefore rewards, so they not loose old system if they want that.

The inpiration for this is how much fun it is to Attack Angmar guild, or Minas Tirith or Morgul Gates.
Till the arrow damage got buffed you could hold out for a good while.
Join up and help each other with Quests :)

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