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Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 19:11
by Avatar
Chanele wrote:Are you trying to be funny?


Most things evolve but apparently you and Avatar is stuck.

Think again before you reply, think again before you press submit and maybe, just maybe, something intelligent will come out of it.
Excuse me?

Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 20:41
by Tarax the Terrible
Tbh I haven't heard a single whine from someone feeling entitled to an easy ride.
Gaming addiction spans generations pretty well. And the new generation are used to tough grinds.
Only weird thing is we aren't trying to extract recockulous amounts of cash from anyone by selling speed up ur levelling "gems" etc for real cash.

If we look at things impartially it is hard to deny the issue is a real one, how can a game with no cap continually attract new players year after year?
Is there other games we can look to for inspiration?
Eve online? I never tried it, a friend told me don't do it you will get fired. Lol

The fact we have no cap is pretty unique and very awesome like Mallor is saying.
It makes gen the game I come back to again and again.

We have stats from G as to active player pop size.
I'd be interested in the stat of average player size that drops off into inactivity.
If newer players are in fact hitting a wall at size x and loosing interest.
Then finding ways to help them over that wall will only benefit everyone in the game if it makes more stay active.

I am not talking about making myth easy.
But about keeping more people around where they feel it would be realistic if they wanted to commit the effort to push towards myth.
And helping them get to a size were even if they don't want to push towards myth they don't feel puny.

Without stats who knows... Currently this is just mainly old farts arguing what's best for the young uns

Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 21:17
by Avatar
Tarax the Terrible wrote:Currently this is just mainly old farts arguing what's best for the young uns
Funny. I see it as the young ones trying to tell the rest of us what we are doing wrong.

I'm all for listening, but they can grind like the rest of us have. Ghorphys is now that old in the game, and today she is a bigass legend, closing in on myth.

Put in the work, like everyone else, and you'll get places.

Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

Posted: 14 Jun 2017 21:47
by gorboth
One negative review like this is by no means a cause for panic or massive soul-searching. I definitely consider what I read when someone posts something like this, but there are always lots of things to take into account that may have no real bearing on the game we are building or the community we are working on. It is always important to consider the source. In this case, we don't know the guy. Maybe he is a sour-grapes type who was whiney, got called out for being whiney, and then decided to spew a hateful review on the store. Maybe he is a very patient and intelligent guy who actually just got done playing a game where he worked for a long time, got bored with the game, or burned by the community, and decided to try us out after leaving that game - and here it looks like he's just going to experience the same thing (from his limited current perspective) so he leaves a disappointed review and moves on.

Genesis is not a game for everyone, and I do not mind some people showing up and hating what they see. If their criticism is constructive or gives me insight into something that I agree needs to be fixed, or perspective that helps me understand a problem I didn't know existed, I value it. In this case, it just seems like a guy who didn't like what we offer.

Thank you, drive through.

Re: Non-flamey Size Discussion

Posted: 16 Jun 2017 18:58
by gorboth
Moved a bunch of non-related stuff about Millenials to the Cornucopia section. Also, this thread has completely jumped the shark, been extremely flamey at times, and seems pretty far afield. So ... locked.