Weekly quests

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Re: Weekly quests

Post by Cherek » 21 Sep 2016 10:44

The wizards are oblivious of the mortal world probably means they work hard in the wiz-world, so Arman not knowing about these things is a good sign!:) I think the Wednesday quest is really hard to miss. There is a banner in Sparkle every Tuesday, and the kiosk is right smack in the middle of Sparkle. I think we're doing enough to announce that one. I find it hard to think any active player, new or old, doesn't know about it? The chef quest is perhaps a little more unknown, and perhaps it can be announced a little better, on the other hand I really think most active players know about that one too..? Or?

As for news in general, Genesis has historically always been about rewarding those who explore, and things have rarely been obvious. For good or bad. But sure, we've never been very good at announcing new content. Since I became AoD I've at least been trying to make sure any new area gets posted on the Sparkle board, which means it's also posted here automatically. It's usually posted in an RP-manner though, which perhaps some players will just ignore, or not get? Or?

An example is this post when Mirandus new newbie arena outside Palanthas opened:

Code: Select all

Me Dupu.

Me Highbulp.

Me live with friends in nice mine near big city.

Me think city called Palanthas.

Me need help.  Mean dwarves try to take our home. They mean and
crazy and want kill me and my family.

We fight back but we not strong enough on own. We need help.

Dewar are tiny, but very mean, so even especially small adventurers
be able to help Dupu.

Me ask that any good peoples come help us. Take flying ship to big
Palanthas and then walk out west gates and follow path.

Find nice Farmer named Willy and go west from him to find our mine
and mean tiny evil dwarves cavern.

Please help Dupu and family.

- Dupu, Highbulp of Aghar
I'd like to think such posts make it pretty obvious? I like it's posted in an RP-manner, and I think that's preferable to "New area created in Palanthas. Type: Grinder. For: Newbies:" or something like that. I think we should keep the tradition of trying to keep things in a "in-story".That is the Genesis style, and I personally like it. These notes are posted both in Sparkle and here which means most players should notice it? Sure, we could do Facebook updates, Twitter updates, make a news-section on the webpage, etc, but that means we need someone responsible for that part, and we don't have one.

Actually we do not even have a wizard responsible for the webpage. I made the current design, but since then I've become admin and gotten a lot more responsibilities so I don't feel I have much time to work on it, sometimes I do make small adjustments, but it's pretty rare I fear. Tapakah, our old webmaster went inactive a long time ago, so we really have no web-responsible wizard. If someone is interested to work on the webpage, let me know.

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Re: Weekly quests

Post by Kvator » 21 Sep 2016 11:17

morgzaash wrote:Well, Arman, I am suprised to hear that ;)
But more seriously :
I visited latly Arcadia , genesis clone, and was really suprised.
On their page and FB they posted each change they made to the game. Whats opened,
what changed in game driver, what happend to X or Z .
And they got nice response from players.

On genesis there was new area opened , how many players do know that ?
Liege does not even know about fridays quest ... maybe its time to suggest
some changes to info policy ? Look how good response we have on "adding magic map" thread.
calling Arkadia a 'genesis clone' seems pretty unappropriate lol. yes it was created by gen players using gen stuff back then but now it's like 10 times more advanced than genesis :)

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Re: Weekly quests

Post by gorboth » 25 Oct 2016 20:53

There is also the philosophy of some wizards to not announce the content they create, but instead to allow it to be discovered by players who then spread the news naturally. For certain types of creators, this is immensely more fun and satisfying than a general announcement.

Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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