Question regarding milestone

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Re: Question regarding milestone

Post by Draugor » 21 May 2017 11:39

Tarax the Terrible wrote:If instanced does that not mean u have less chances of runing into other people?
Running into others and joining forces with them would be more fun IMO.

I'd be more in favour of adding some type of looking for group functionality.
As any time any one tries to on the newbie line all they get is hassle from the nrules police.

Maybe as well as teleporting home the newbie pin could allow newbs to teleport between new sparkle church type places in Bree and plalanthas and terel. As for a new person on the client getting between the newbie grinders fast must be a chore.

Means you have zero chance, imo, for the enchanter quest it would be fine, but if we start doing it for general areas etc, we might aswell just abolish pvp

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Re: Question regarding milestone

Post by gorboth » 21 May 2017 22:13

Instancing in Genesis works in batches. You set a batch size for an instance, and once that size is filled a new instance is created for the next batch. It doesn't create a single instance for each player.

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Re: Question regarding milestone

Post by Kas » 22 May 2017 11:04

I think instancing can work in several ways, even for Genesis, such as some newbie grinders, solo adventurer setups/quests, group only setups for larger or limited encounters etc, where the emphasiz is on primarily on storytelling/progression.

It's a very good gameelement if "done right", sort of speak. :)
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