Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Melarec » 19 Jun 2017 04:08

Track the value of stolen items.
For every Gold, the thief can be killed once.
Thief steals twelve plats worth of items, you can kill them one hundred forty-four times.

With a generally accepted guideline such as this (or similar), thieves cannot complain about being repeatedly hunted.

Also, perhaps it should be frowned upon when thieves of tremendous level rob newbies completely blind.
This is on a similar level to Myths killing Greenhorns.

Also, perhaps when one dies, their skills related to thievery drop? More than other skills?

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Draugor » 19 Jun 2017 05:39

I'd consider it a wizard issue tbh, its probably someones alt thats stealing shit for his main, if his main "magically" has all the shit that he's been stealing, delete and siteban the bastards

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by gold bezie » 19 Jun 2017 07:49

The town guards dont work when someone can completely go invisible. Also the one who stole from me, and the other one who tried to steal from me both didnt have anything on them. I think the dirty one is a newby, he steals crap and is not really good at it, but the other one probably does not care much for dying. When he dies he looses some xp, but his skill levels stay the same and he gets rich very fast.
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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Alisa » 19 Jun 2017 09:03

Cherek : Make a guard.... Really? I´d surely want to stand around and wait for the guy to log in or out. Quite fun gameplay.

As general information, i know there's alot of Cmud/Zmud users. My alias with open pack,get stuff,close pack did a lot of "what" on the last line, and i thought it to be a bug like the rmc purse that "disappears" from the game a short period after using rmc commands with it.


Its cmud. Seems that if you do "#send close backpack" instead of "close backpack" as command, it works better. why? I don't know. Why did i test it? because %-1 goes behind all commands apparently.

EDIT : Nope, i was wrong.. It still happens. That shit is really annoying.
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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Orien » 19 Jun 2017 10:02

'Victims' have I WIN BUTTON known as 'close all'.
Buy 2 packs from Sybarus, one for crucial items (always close this), one for non-crucial items can be open if you want.
Create aliases for open-put/get-close pack/jar and thief will find nothing to steal from you!!

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Cherek » 19 Jun 2017 14:35

Alisa wrote:Cherek : Make a guard.... Really? I´d surely want to stand around and wait for the guy to log in or out. Quite fun gameplay.
Well, what is fun gameplay depends on the person. Some might find it fun to dedicate their playtime to hunt down and kill thieves. Personally I think that sounds more fun than watch your grind script run, but I've always been "different".:)

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 19 Jun 2017 15:47

Gl with that Cherek.
Unless u were in one of the few lucky guilds with meaningful crowd control you wont enjoy it.

Sure u may be able to see them and catch up to them and attack 500 times, but when they leave before even one tick of damage has time to pop they can take zero damage from you from those hundreds of times you managed to initiate combat.

While auto hunting triggers are illegal speedwalking away is fine.
System is pretty broken.

Sure if you change the system to fire first dmg at tick zero then running would be insta death..
But if you add a cool down before next zero tick damage can fire.

Then run them down hunting could actually be a thing..

Currently block is too slow to catch anyone who is on their game, and combat round too slow to get a swing of dmg in before someone can leave.
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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by Thalric » 19 Jun 2017 16:08

Actually, Tarax, I am quite sure that the note that forbade hunting triggers, also forbade the speed-walk-fleeing.

But in Sparkle you don't need that. Being a mercenary gives a relative safe-spot against most other guilds.
And if being a thief, there is no better occ than mercenary, to boost the pick pocket skill.

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by mallor » 19 Jun 2017 18:15

What's the deal? This is what you do when he tries to steal from you

Code: Select all

An adolescent disheveled male human arrives sneaking from the south.
A hovering ghostly skull floats in.
You turn to attack [the adolescent disheveled male human].
You cut [the adolescent disheveled male human]'s left arm with your green steel
You stab [the adolescent disheveled male human]'s head with your green steel
[The adolescent disheveled male human] died.
You killed [the adolescent disheveled male human].
You can rest assured there is always fat bounty on his head, I made 50 plats on his silly head :D

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Re: Nice ... thiefs in sparkle

Post by mallor » 19 Jun 2017 18:19

Tarax the Terrible wrote: Not the gelan ships since they r safe rooms. Tho why not remove that? They r very fast ships these days, safe room too seems a bit silly.
What really silly is nerfed caltrops and silly block that you can break automatically in 5 seconds or so, regardless size difference. That makes thieves nearly unkillable.

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