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Are you interested in participating in a Tournament held at the Gladiator's Arena?

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Re: Tournament Interest

Post by Dorrien » 17 Aug 2017 21:05

Ckrik wrote:
Dorrien wrote:We are about to have a full blown MMA Organization here soon! Planned fights with viewing areas that are PPV and betting!! Fighters get a percentage of the total PPV and betting pot?!

I fully support this betting and futures idea. Been interested in some sort of system where I could say, looking for 1,000 skunk berries, willing to pay 1 plat each. If you have 45 skunks you can post them and get 45 plats, then someone with 300 comes along and can get 300 plats and the rest are covered by a third party and they get the remaining 655 plats in exchange for them. Would also, in theory, work in the opposite direction where I could post 1,000 whitehorn for a price I want per herb or the lot. People can see what is being sought after and what is being sold, if something being sought after falls within the same range as something being sold, the order is automatically filled, I want an FBB for 1K plats and you have one up for 950, I saved 50 plats and we both got what we want. Selling price would most likely be the variable to decide automatic order fills. If I want 7 gold coins for a potion I found and you post 5 I don't lose out on the 2 extra, I just have to wait until someone else is willing to pay my price.

This could also open up some game items to people who otherwise cannot go get them themselves due to race, alignment and guild affiliations.

Half of this is already there in the form of the AH, but it would be nice to be able to post items I would like to purchase and for how much.

My 2cc.
The technical term for the mechanism you just described is a limit order book managed by a matching engine ;)
Wam bam! I would love this and I think it would add a very cool aspect to the game that encourages player interaction a little more, even if it wouldn't 100% be direct. I would love to fill orders for gear etc as I enjoy gathering it but have little use for most of it!

Perhaps a thread just about this is wise? Although, it seems like Ckrik has it pretty well envisioned :)

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