Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

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Should stat-mods (race-based, or otherwise) stay or go?

Keep them - as they are is fine
Keep them - but change them!
Remove them - no mods plz!
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Re: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

Post by Shanoga » 06 Dec 2017 20:04

Draugor wrote:
Tommo wrote: A gnome may be weak with poor constitution, however they learn extremely quickly and use their combined dexterity and mental prowess gain more experience per kill based on this combination.
An elf may be weak and have poor constitution however with their strong dexterity and great wisdom they are able to combine these traits, which allows them a bonus to combat as they can predict and learn how their opponent may react/act in battle
A goblin, whilst the ultimate combat machine, they are unwise and their intelligence prevents them from gaining as much experience from their combat and they are unable to gain the same bonuses due to limited wisdom...
etc etc

a bit radical but hey- 2 ways to help smooth the same issue perhaps.?

Well, technically Gnomes DO learn faster since they have more points placed as the racial average points, goblins are on the low end just above humans if I am not mistaken

You needn't be unsure of your statement, simply look earlier in this thread: ... =20#p39159
gorboth is the list of races in order of value when you take their racial modifiers and divide by six:

1. Gnome
2. Hobbit
3. Elf / Dwarf (tied)
4. Goblin
5. Human


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Re: Stat Modifiers - racial or otherwise ...

Post by Alteor » 18 Dec 2017 20:45

What if instead of changing the modifiers themselves, instead the game is changed so that having balanced stats isn't inherently bad?

for example, why "int" don't help with accuracy too? (doesn't matter how precise you are if you dunno where to hit).

why dex don't let you cast slightly faster? (and as interesting side effect, armour wearing mages would have issues, as many games do).

or have wisdom and discipline affect soem of the fighter guild specials cooldowns

and so on.

this way humans would be inherently worse, even with worst stats, maybe humans will never do ludicrous damage like a goblin, but overallt hey would still be useful.

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