Term Limits on Guild Leaders

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Re: Term Limits on Guild Leaders

Post by Berwyn » 10 Mar 2018 21:22

Greneth wrote:
Rincon wrote:
how do the Neidars if they do not want their Thane remove him?
The Thane of the Hill Dwarves is the King and ruler of the clan. What he/she says, goes. If a Clan member doesn't agree, he can forsake the Clan.
Could the Neidars right now start a vote to remove the Thane, yes or no?
And that right there is the point.

Ultimate Power with no way for the Neidar, if they wished it to remove someone. If the Thane refuses to promote any Elders who can start the vote, then he doesn't have to worry about losing his position. Now I'm not saying thats what Logg IS doing. I'm merely pointing out that the system is f***** and this whole attitude of well if you don't like it just leave. No no no, that s*** shouldn't be allowed in the first place and I don't care what the original coder thought about it.

Every guild should have a viable way for its members to remove the leader. Not some half-a**** just hope they go afk for a month or only people the "Leader" appoints with a 2/3 majority can do so. I don't care if its Voting, Trial By Combat, Assassination, etc. But no leader should be able to just sit there and enjoy life without worrying about losing their spot. What happens is we get these leaders who are rarely around, don't interact with the game, hardly do their job and it gets annoying. We have a whole slew of people who are still excited for this game, if you're burnt out pass the torch.
You are so eager to raise hand against others, as I said start burning people at a stake.

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