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Re: The nrules

Post by sylphan » 03 May 2018 15:51

Cherek wrote:I do not agree at all with your attitude that players who "can't take being told to study the rules" can "sod off" though. Genesis is in many ways a very alien world for many new players, who are used to modern games, that basically always have chat lines. We need to realize that it may take time for them to truly grasp the ntell concept, and that we need to be patient and polite with them when explaining how things work here.
You have a point about people getting <nrules> happy. Also about newbies needing to have things politely explained to them. My sentiment that some newbies can "sod off" applies, really, to a small minority - the ones who have caused me to stop wearing the pin for weeks at a time because they seem willfully rude, and I really do not need the noise their attitude creates (though I acknowledge some helpers can come across as willfully rude, too). I doubt that any amount of politeness or patience will help this minority become players that I'd want in the game, but maybe you're more optimistic than I am about humans. In which caee we can agree to disagree.

Maybe the help file and the tutorial journal entry on <nrules> needs to be revised for clarity and made more explicit.

I think Johnny's idea is really good. I would also support a change that allowed people to invite newbies for a hunt.

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Re: The nrules

Post by Cherek » 03 May 2018 23:15

I am not trying to excuse rude newbies, that sucks too, but they do have the excuse of being clueless newbies who don't get the game. I don't think helpers have an excuse, and should know better than to be rude on the ntell, even if a newbie is rude. I think it's better to use <nignore> and report them if they won't listen to polite instructions on how to use the ntell. Getting into an argument with them rarely leads to anything good. And helpers arguing with each other is even worse, which actually happened yesterday, so much that I had to tell everyone involved they will be banned if they don't stop it. There were not even any newbies involved, just helpers seemingly spontaneously starting to argue about how the ntell should be used... which was a perfect example of the things I find much more annoying and silly than someone asking for a team, or asking the "wrong" question.

I also like Johnny's idea. The only flaw with it is that it needs someone to code it...:)

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