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Re: Plukragars post

Post by Draugor » 02 Jul 2018 17:57

Thalric wrote:I agree, Rincon.

The place is clearly to easy and safe to be in, with enemies that neither block or hunt or anything else.
At least at the trolls in Terel you need to be sure you're not blocked.

For a place that obviously gives the best xp, the risks don't match.
Check the post I did before this for that, I propose higher damage on mobs and I kinda wanna add more hp and so on and so forth, feels silly that the by far best xp in the game is doloable, ever. Make it so you cant solo it untill [numbers removed] average, if your life is that fullfilling... go for it :P

[moderator: warning, if you continue to post numbers for stats, I will ban you from the forum. This is a pattern and it must stop. Now.]

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Re: Plukragars post

Post by Zugzug » 02 Jul 2018 21:41

You study Plukragars post carefully.
An intense whine is coming from this object.

Does this mean that we all get speed now?

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