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Plukragars post

Posted: 30 Jun 2018 13:42
by Draugor
Greetings all,

So after joining the Knights of Solamnia I put forth myself to help others.

I try this but one of the best places in game is Ghastly Keep.

However you cant see most of it. Due to needing kills that dont save upon log
Many, myself included, stay logged in just for this.

But when I want to get others down, it is impossible. Since the norm is for any
that play often are awake ... and they play often you see .. then they also
clear this first level of mobs so none can get down.

This causes teams to break up .... I dont want to stop you from going down.
Blah blah.
I have found helping others get kills is very hard. And tedious.

Can you remove the kills to get down into Ghastly Keep or at least keep the
kills counted til the next sundering?

Many cant see this place and even trying to help them isnt easy. And usually
leads to them being frustrated more than having fun.

And also the tears quest is quite difficult to do since you must help kill the
guys that drop the tears I think. Or you dont get them. And they dont drop
every kill either. Add in someone camping there to keep you from going
downstairs and well ... fun lacks for most.

He kinda has a point, I mean sure the admin prolly loves having idlers cause of statistics and such but the area is made so that 1-2 high dps can lock out everyone else for a LOOOONG time wich feels silly, I'd love to see that change aswell.

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 30 Jun 2018 21:46
by Syrk
I am a person who logs off every day nowadays. So if i want to have access to level 2 of GK i need to get the kills every day.
Often it is not easy or quick, as there are teams running around who can quickly clear level 1, but it is doable. And then i can team with others.
Considering that GK is supposed to be an elite/high-end GRIND AREA FOR MYTHS (that is my impression at least), getting in should not be easy.
Especially taking your mid-sized friends for a ride there should not be encouraged. It supposed to be dangerous and tedious after all.
So if you really want your friends to accompany you, you have to bite it and take pains in helping them.

As for the tears quests, there is plenty of very easy quests in Sparkle. Should a quest in an area like GK be on the same level?

The solution to locking access to level 2 by others, maybe a faster respawn rate but it is pretty quick already and i have a feeling that is not what wizards intend, as the last change to GK i am aware of, is the increase of the kills number required to enter level 2.

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 30 Jun 2018 22:32
by Syrk
greetings all,

i must say i agree with Plukragar here.
Being a monk i often team there and am often
used as a shield there as well.
But also being a monk means i will not
get most kills in a team with different
Which is fine, we all have our task to do.

But this will mean i will not be able to
go down for a very long time, and therefor
yes teams will break up.

I would love it if some changes could be made

It is on your team mates to make an effort to let you make the kills.
Requires some paying attention when killing undeads in GK, so yes, for grind bots, it may be a problem.

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 30 Jun 2018 23:02
by Draugor
Or just remove a mechanism that is purely made so you can have a killingarea all to yourself cause its kinda silly that its there to begin with? :P

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 01 Jul 2018 03:22
by Raelle
I vote (this is a democracy right?) to either put a time limit on downstairs access (eg. 20 kills gives you 24 hours, after that time you need 20 more kills) or just get rid of the whole restriction and create some other barriers to the witch/dragon.

It's annoying but fun that access to the lower level is restricted. With a full Keep and a good partner, one can get down there pretty quickly. But we have people idling all arma just to maintain access --- what's the point, then?

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 01 Jul 2018 07:04
by Thoru
I agree with Pluk here as well. The mechanic now seems to reward those who idle 24/7.


Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 01 Jul 2018 08:41
by gold bezie
That the area should be hard to enter, i agree, obstacles to enter sure.
But ive seen lots of legends enter there, so why cant i as a monk? Or rangers?
Only those legends can enter who can do enough damage...

The obstacles now are not thought of well enough in my opinion.
Would be more fun if the group who wants to go down there has to beat a large npc together, and if you succeed then the whole group
would be able to go down..
That would encourage teamwork.

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 01 Jul 2018 10:00
by Tommo
I quite like having to get daily kills- even solo as a Calian elf warrior which is probably the worst solo combination , I get there eventually.

No rush :)

I guess a 24 hour timer as Raelle mentioned may make things different but probably introduces some other issues..

what I would like is a lvl 3 and a lv 4 however

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 02 Jul 2018 08:33
by Rincon
TBH I'm surprised (in a good way) that AoB haven't nerfed or even closed GK. Considering how trollshaws, goblin caves in Terel or Khiraa Temple were changed/closed in the past.

Re: Plukragars post

Posted: 02 Jul 2018 17:26
by Thalric
I agree, Rincon.

The place is clearly to easy and safe to be in, with enemies that neither block or hunt or anything else.
At least at the trolls in Terel you need to be sure you're not blocked.

For a place that obviously gives the best xp, the risks don't match.