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Re: Problems if we get too many newbies

Posted: 07 Sep 2019 00:18
by Cherek
Zhar: But the current system where EQ saves on your person is basically the same as your suggestion with a personal rack with 10 items? Except that today the limit is how much you can carry, rather than a fixed number. I do not see how a personal rack in free-to-join guilds would be a better system to prevent rack-looting than the current system? Some kind of rack-point system sounds more promising regarding that, but I think saving EQ on your person helped a long way too. That said, I would not mind some sort of rack-point system, but that would be up to the guildmasters of said guilds.

As for racial guilds, just like with our other guilds, some of the racial guilds could also use an update. But that too, is up to the guildmaster and/or liege of the domains they are in. The best way to get a change implemented is probably to mail the responsible wizard directly.