A day in the grind.

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A day in the grind.

Post by nils » 16 Sep 2019 14:40

> s
Sparkle Adventurer Guild.
There is one obvious exit: north.
A charity box.
An ancient mustachioed female gnome.
The ancient mustachioed female gnome introduces herself as:
Sakurai the Initiate Pupil of the Elemental Arts, beginner, female gnome.
> smell gnome
You smell Sakurai in a subtle manner.
> introduce me
You introduce yourself to Sakurai.
Sakurai opens up her black signature book and asks you to sign it for her. You can <sign book> to write your name into the book.
You sigh deeply.
> sign book
You scrawl your signature onto Sakurai's black signature book.
> n
Lesser guilds deserve their suffering, you feel unjustly nerfed and want to be restored to your rightful glory... huh. I guess you're Genesis Hitler then. It feels so sweet to say this.. Fuck you, Hitler.
-Drazson, 21.07.2019

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Re: A day in the grind.

Post by Zhar » 17 Sep 2019 02:53

Not what I expected.

Not disappointed.
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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