Clones and the protection of Ntell

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gold bezie
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Clones and the protection of Ntell

Post by gold bezie » 23 Oct 2019 21:17

Hello all and especially the wizards, protectors of the realms,

Im not sure if you have noticed what has been going on lately on the newby helpline.
It seems there is one person (or maybe two or three) who finds it very funny to make names like one of the players in the game. This person uses this char to make fun of this player in a very childish way. I personally think its harassement, but ill leave it to the player himself to talk to the wizards about it.

What is also annoying is that the person who keeps on making this chars is also abusing the ntell line.
Now i know you are all volunteers and you have your daytime jobs etc. But i would love it if you would find a way
of refusing names that look like this name, and maybe find out who is behind this childish bullying.

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Re: Clones and the protection of Ntell

Post by Cherek » 24 Oct 2019 08:22

Not sure if you have or not, but this is an issue where you should <mail aop> and include as much detail as possible. We do have a log of the ntell, but it's looooong, and knowing what to look for in as much detail as possible is very helpful.

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