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Re: About Quest XP

Post by Zhar » 01 Jun 2020 22:14

Trading in excess qexp for cosmetics actually gives me an idea. Recently I've received a birthday gift in one of the MMOs I'm playing and it was a total makeover kit for one character. It's a great way to change anything you want about your char without losing anything.

If you could trade excess qexp in gen for some makeover kits, that would allow you to change your race and adjectives without dying or losing skills it would be a nice thing to have in my opinion. I wonder if people would be interested in that?

Some other more minor changes would be being able to just change your adjectives, perhaps being able to choose from an extended list that is not available at character creation, so you could stand out in the crowd. Maybe some extra eyes, hair colors/styles and tattoos? It would definitely be possible to extend the offer of the beauty salons to patrons who have done countless legendary feats and above. Extra flavor to your mounts? Extra emotes?

I just wonder if such a thing would be desirable since all the people seem to care about these days is how fast you can make xp at myth and how fast your weapons/armours degrade which makes you stop making xp for a while.
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Re: About Quest XP

Post by Okotok » 02 Jun 2020 20:50

Targun wrote:
30 May 2020 03:14
Cherek wrote:
28 May 2020 11:48
[...] There's some negative side effects though. For example players who did spend a lot of time to get an edge in brutality suddenly lose it and become more brutal (and will likely not be happy), and new players will struggle to grow as big as old players since they will suffer from more brutality. But I'll admit it is an interesting idea...
Maybe those negative side effects don't need to apply (or do they)? For the argument's sake, if cap was to be lowered to 70%(7/10), then the value counted towards brutality could be increased by 10/7.
Cherek wrote:
28 May 2020 11:48
I wonder if we could do something else for those who DO finish all quests? Perhaps some other kind of more cosmetic reward or something...?
I wanted to touch on this in my previous post as well. Perhaps even beyond cosmetics. The (rather uncrystallized) ideas that were banging around my head were:
Trade qXP above cap for tokens. Some spending examples:
-imbue stones (maybe certain imbues could be unique for tokens)
-craft npcs that could create powerful items for player and/or guild (bonus social aspect)
-shady/holy npc, where you could purchase some top-notch items already existing in the game

Cosmetics - short/long appearances changes, items with emotes, titles and whats not.
Utilities- item that can be enhanced with more tokens invested in it, with unique short term powers such us: significant boost to resistance against chosen school of magic, physical resistance, dmg boost, ports to preset or player chosen location and so on, so forth.
Every newly completed quest above cap, could rewards n-times experience as GeneralXP

The idea is to keep quests (including weekly Sparkle mini-quests) still desirable, but at the same time not break immersion and character integrity, or force people into doing something they thoroughly not enjoy. At the same time, open some new ways or mechanics to be added. They can be added with time, while not having to back-track and correct possibly dozens if not hundreds of quests and adjust - likely outdated - code.
Chanele wrote:
29 May 2020 10:23
I dont really see the problem here...

Why not just keep cap as it is? Dont raise it when new quests is introduced, dont raise it when low rewarded static quests are adjusted. Eventually you will not "have" to do all quests but rather choose which ones and you can still reach the cap.

Also, add combat/general experience in portion with amount of quest xp recieved, will make questing alot more fun for youngsters,
It's certainly an option as well. Though new things appear on genesis at somewhat steady pace, so before any noticeable effects (from player perspective) take place it may take another decade or so ;)
Love this idea!

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