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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Mersereau » 14 Mar 2010 23:32

tapakah wrote:
Douglas Adams wrote:"The best way to pick a fight with a Silastic Armorfiend was just to be born. They didn't like it, they got resentful"
Frankly I prefer:

Douglas Adams wrote:"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."
"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die."
-Mel Brooks

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Tarax the Terrible
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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 15 Mar 2010 15:28

Killing an enemies smaller weaker guild mates is called hitting your enemy where it hurts.
The sort of thing that leads to all out guild wars.
Which is not necessarily a bad state of affairs. As a good war will be a talking point of years to come.

Its up to their guild to get treaties in place to protect the weaker members or to help them recover.
A small knight like Chamdin dying is not surprising.
But would he rather be told you are not allowed to join until titan because its too dangerous?
Also one of the benefits of being in a warlike guild should be that they are close knit and willing to help
each other recover. Given he is smaller than the other Knights have they pitched in and taken him
killing to get him back where he was? Thats how it used to happen in most I think.

But most times I have seen Chamdin he has been solo so maybe guild help is not as common. :(

Yet the experience of being attacked because of who he was not what he had done was a learning one.
It will have to be expected in certain guilds.
Where this crosses the line is when it is in a guild that has no real ties to one another.
For example killing a lot of gladiators because one pissed you off.

Whats interesting is in Rhynox's example of staying out of wars etc because of weaker members.
Since the guild is only as strong as its weakest link.

Killing hurt players, well, if two people are enemies you don't walk away from an advantage.
A chivalrous player like Rhynox is the minority, most people take what they can get.
There are a lot of old grudges that fester under the surface until you see an opportunity too good to pass up.
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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Amberlee » 15 Mar 2010 15:43

I find it strange that rules obviously doesnt count for all.
If you have newbies being punished for insulting bigger players.
Yet you have people like Fade running around unchecked killing basically everyone he can.
The views posted by me on this forum is not the views of the character Amberlee in-game.
If you ask for my opinion here, you will get MY opinion, not that of my character.

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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Chamdin » 15 Mar 2010 17:05

I understand what you say Tarax.

However,I am not myself fond of the idea of slaying youngsters/newbies just for fun or to annoy someone bigger that is unreachable.
I dont myself bother that much,I dont mind meeting Lars,but to be honest,if you want newbies to play this game maybe you shouldnt kill them off right away.. ;)

I have seen a few claim it as a war strategy?
It sounds strange to me,coz If I get upset with my neighbour I take it up with him in person,I dont go around looking for his 4 year old son.

I hide when I see scary Minotaurs Tarax,that might be the reason why you never see me in a team.. :D

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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Megarius » 15 Mar 2010 18:10

Too few people playing. I am the only person who is almost every day in my guild. I dont understand discussions related to recovery or a guild wars. Thats why people are wrong because they still think like they used to years ago when guild wars actually made sense. Killings will never change. People who want to kill they will always find a reason -

"you helped to kill my friend" or
"you're our enemy" or
"I am just sitting here and amuse myself"

There were conditions existed before. These conditions are very vague now. There is nobody left to fight any wars. The only thing that exists in Genesis today is a pure Player Killing. I don't know any idiot who would approach some myth from Army of Darkness and start calling them names to get themselves killed afterwards. I only see sensless killings these days. And then post following hunts, then those others hunt hunters, kill one by one then hunters hunt hunters who hunted hunters etc... There is no war, there is no logic. There is just stupid pkilling and thats about it. I don't mind, kill each other until you are sick of it. Just don't touch people who don't want to participate in these sensless killings.

I don't think there will be ANY changes from admin team added to the game to support weaker players. So at least have a common sense yourselves then. Instead of killing a weaker player go train your stats so you can pick on a stronger target. If you want to be aggressive go pick on Freya or someone who can stand up to you. :roll:

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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Makfly » 15 Mar 2010 21:28

Tarax, you reasoning might have had merit, but in todays Genesis, I'm not so sure...
I mean, do you honestly think it'll hurt Poet if someone goes and kills Chamdin?
I don't think so. I think it hurts the game, nothing else.

And the only two options aren't either we have people kill off smaller members of a guild, in retaliation for having a problem with another member, or people don't join most guilds in the game till they reach Titan level.
There must be, and are other options.
Mortimor Makfly - Gnomish Xeno-Anthropologist

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Tarax the Terrible
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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 16 Mar 2010 17:56

Player killing is hard to get into to.
Those who dip a toe in the water for example by being led into a fight by someone else
are those who are likely to be slapped down or assassinated at a later date.

Yet the game is a better place for having that element.

Getting more people who want to fight or those who want to try it fighting and leaving out
those who want a peaceful life (and deserve it) is the way ahead.

I think someone wanting to get a bit of pkill action but with a lack of outlet for it is another
motivation behind a true random attack.
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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Earth » 16 Mar 2010 19:23

Tarax the Terrible wrote:Player killing is hard to get into to.
Those who dip a toe in the water for example by being led into a fight by someone else
are those who are likely to be slapped down or assassinated at a later date.
This is the reason why having players "police themselves" doesn't work as well. Those who are interested in pkilling will do so, but if they attack someone who wants to remain peaceful and kills them, that peaceful player would not really want to get into a revenge mode, simply because doing so may make them a target in the future for others.

I just had a wierd thought/suggestion: Can we have a place where we can see the pkill log in the game?

Earth has been in the midst of many guild discussions where there was argument about who killed whom how many times and why. It would be nice to see a place where you can see a list of the log of kills.

Also, it would be nice after each kill, if there was some reason or justification for "why" the kill was done, so that there is no confusion. Maybe it would act as a deterrent to some random killings, and actually eliminate arguments from those who dispute the facts to cover their tracks.

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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Rhynox » 16 Mar 2010 19:53

That is actually a good idea. If wizards want us to police ourselves, we should have information to do so. This way guilds could pair to hunt common enemies.

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Re: Playerkilling

Post by Knuffel » 16 Mar 2010 20:44

This could actually turn out to be the opposit and become The Hall of Fame for all Killers outthere and increase the casualties to create a score.


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