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Discussion Re: Global Balance Changes 
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Based on what I have just heard... The equipment implementation is still not working right. A player just got a large amount of duplicate items from the sasme NPC's.
Seems like all that happened was the drop was changed to however many days till arma it is now from the 3 days prior it was.

22 Mar 2010 22:36

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Based on what I don't even play the game.

Why not log in and play the actual game, and try things out, instead of complaining about something, someone told you on MSN? :)

Mortimor Makfly - Gnomish Xeno-Anthropologist

22 Mar 2010 22:50
Or how about I don't, and just point out that there is still a flaw in the system, so that it can be rectified for the betterment of everyone.

22 Mar 2010 22:58

Joined: 04 Mar 2010 00:36
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That you insist on not wanting to play the game, that's fine, it's your choice. But that you also seem to do nothing but complain, this time with secondhand information someone told you off MSN, just makes you come off as bitter and/or irrelevant.

Seriously, the Wizards are doing this for free, and the actual players have a seemingly endless list of (more or less) constructive suggestions, that the Wizards could start on. Don't you think they might think your posts fairly irrelevant too?

Personally I think you are fairly irrelevant as a non-player that seems to only want to complain, if it were not for the fact that your posts also spreads so much negativity.
Lastly, encourage your MSN-buddy to actually post some detailed first-hand experience here or send it directly to the Admin. Maybe that way it'd be the slightest bit useful.

Mortimor Makfly - Gnomish Xeno-Anthropologist

23 Mar 2010 08:19

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I think the system is better now, as I managed to get some items during the first day after Armageddon (while before I would end up with a dragonscale and nothing more). However, if there isn't any copy of the item around they will look l ike items pop up faster. Since there are very few big equipment hunters around, the big ones boot with equipment more often (the yeti had two silvanesti shields in a row, Barash-gund had two bloody skull clubs, two targa and two chainmails in three boots, Ashburz booted with two mauls and a skull helmet in two boots, etc).

I believe most magical items should appear before the last couple of days of Armageddon, to ensure the population is well equipped and able to play without having to wait until the last days of the week.

23 Mar 2010 14:11
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