Newbies and making money

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Re: Newbies and making money

Post by Cherek » 10 Jun 2010 19:30

Tarax the Terrible wrote:Or we could have a newbie hunting league where players pay to hunt them.
Take the newb/s to somewhere like Mithas and release them.
Longer they last better the purse they get.

That sounds like fun!

If I had a new char I'd seriously join if the money was good. Losing some experience for money sounds like an excellent tradeoff. And having fun in the process.

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Re: Newbies and making money

Post by Trutblemma » 11 Jun 2010 01:26


I'm glad i'm not a real newbie anymore...
You guys crack me up :D

The money issue is serious for a newbie, sure, it forces them to interact with others, begging for money. I'm not so sure that's good, though. Not that fun to beg. They learn to grind in newbie land, that's good, but they can't use that knowledge in the real Gen world, it's a kick in the butt when they find out, very disincouraging. It wouldn't surprise me at all if some of them quit when they figure out they can't do any of the things they could in newbie land. The gap is too wide....they can practically not kill anything without training up skills, (anything with loot) they can't train skills if they don't kill.....
They can herb and sell those, but that they don't know, because in newbie land you can't sell herbs.

Wouldn't it be sweet, as a reward for entering the portal to the real Genesis, to have 500 platinum automatically put in your account? I mean, they've learned how to grind in newbie land, but I really think they need a head start. Or at least, make it possible to loot the rats in Sparkle for coins, preferably 1-2 gold coins. And cap it to wanderer and lower, noone bigger get any loot. Could do the same with the small orcs outside Sparkle.
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Re: Newbies and making money

Post by Fourtcoer » 11 Jun 2010 06:21

What I'd like to see, is those newbie delivery tours or rat-killing jobs revamped to actually pay out a nice chunk of change. These things are *already* implemented in the game, so it would just be a matter of increasing payment.

There's no way anyone is going to bother with rat extermination jobs and deliveries for a handful of coppers when they can stand around at the Gelan roundabout and wait for someone to come by, feel sorry for them, and throw them 50 plats.

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Re: Newbies and making money

Post by Rhaegar » 11 Jun 2010 13:16

And don't forget about the "Cadet Dilemma", where you need loot to sell and improve skills and at the same time you need loot to get the rack points.

Edit: And Emma, although I love the idea of giving newbies start money (500pc being too much though, 100-200 should be enough to get you started) it has one big flaw:

1. make new character
2. enter the world
3. rinse and repeat steps 1 and 2
4. profit

There could be quite large amount of players who would create new chars just for the sake of making money for their main.

The workaround to that could be 'virtual money' or 'credit' that newbie would receive upon entering the world and would be able to train to a certain degree without physically possessing money on their person. No abuse possible this way.
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