In game humor

Laughter should fill this community
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Re: In game humor

Post by Syviis » 14 Aug 2020 10:02

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A blind wizened male orc arrives limping from the south.
The thoughtful slender male human hums an idle tune.
The blind wizened male orc slaps the ancient red-eyed male goblin in his face.
The blind wizened male orc leaves the realms.

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Re: In game humor

Post by Skythus » 03 Dec 2020 23:29

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sail ne
There is still an existing captain of this ship! You cannot sail off with it
until that has been rectified.
Tor arrives walking bow-legged.
Tor orders rugged fisherman to set sail.
The rugged fisherman sails the battered fishing boat northeast.
Oops, Tor seems to have made a mistake!
Tor thunders: Hey there
Tor raises his bloody skull club in greetings to you, shouting 'Axes High!'
You say: Oops!
Tor thunders: Yer in the wrong boat
cackle .
You cackle.
Tor winks suggestively.
Tor thunders: Almost took ye out to sea
I almost got kidnapped!

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Re: In game humor

Post by Mim » 09 Jan 2021 11:54

A broken broken wand.
As an explorer, you have done enough to retire.

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Re: In game humor

Post by Cherek » 09 Jan 2021 20:37

Mim wrote:
09 Jan 2021 11:54
A broken broken wand.
"Sure you gonna try that spell with a broken wand?"
"What's the worst thing that could happen? I can't exactly break it more!"

Turns out it was possible after all :)

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