Dirty Female Orc

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Dirty Female Orc

Post by Melarec » 10 Jun 2016 03:31

One day at the orc fortress, minding my own business, I found myself being assailed by particularly brave orcs.
No problem. I began vanquishing them.
As they do, some of the wimpy orcs fled my wrath.
I pursued them and struck them down.
However, one, a Dirty Female Orc, fled again.
Enraged by her cowardice, I pursued again.
Before I could land a single blow, she fled again.
This went on for about 20 bloody (or not, rather) minutes.
Other orcs began taking notice and fleeing as well.
I continued my chase, slowly catching and slaying them.
Finally I had slaughtered them all.
Or so I thought!
The corpse of the Dirty Female Orc was nowhere to be found!
I looked everywhere and finally found her.
Triumphantly, I raised my weapon, swung it,,,
And my Long Halberd missed and she fled again.
<unwield halberd>
<wield knife>
I pursued and easily struck her down.
I learned a valuable lesson standing there, over her sliced and torn corpse.

I will never try to wield a halberd again.

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