Sauron the kind.

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Sauron the kind.

Post by Kas » 01 Jul 2016 19:11

Probably old, but....

Sauron Arrives in Westeros​:

The dark banners unfurled as the final victory over the forces of humanity was achieved by the dark lord and his armies of evil.

“TREMBLE MORTALS!” Sauron bellowed, the ring on his finger, “I HAVE CLAIMED WESTEROS AND THIS ENTIRE WORLD!”

The peasants cowered as he stood over them, “please spare us!” one woman called, “what are your demands your evilness?” shouted another.

Sauron chuckled, “First I’m going to kill all of the Boltons, Lannisters, even the Greyjoys too!” There was a brief silence broken by some muttering. Sauron waited for the wailing and gnashing of teeth as the people heard of their ruler's impending deaths but after a moment some scattered clapping came. He frowned beneath his iron helm, “And then I will slay all who stand in my way!”

“You hear that?” Someone shouted excitedly, “he’s only going to kill people that get in his way!” now applause erupted and cheering broke out.

“No you fools!” Sauron shouted in exasperation, “My reign will be dark and terrible! You will all be forced to work the fields-“

“He’s promising job security!” an old man in front yelled.

“You’ll have nothing to eat but maggoty bread!” Sauron warned in his most intimidating tone.

“He’s bringing bread!” a child called, causing another cheer to go up from the crowd.

“SAURON!” They chanted “SAURON! SAURON! SAURON!” The Nazgul tried to hold them back but the excited crowd overwhelmed them and hoisted Sauron up over them.

“Murazor you idiot, help!” Sauron shouted as they carried him towards the Red Keep.

“I can’t my liege!” The witch king screamed, he was being swarmed by excited young women, and soon he disappeared behind the mob.

And so began the reign of Sauron the Kind, The Merciful, and the Beloved. There were many incidents throughout his long reign where the so called “Dark Lord” tried to prove his evil nature to the people of Westeros, but each attempt only endeared him to them more.
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