Flying Vellum

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Flying Vellum

Post by Kwevin » 07 Apr 2017 00:06

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> quit
The piece of vellum takes wing on a breeze and floats away.
You drop a piece of vellum.
Saving Kwevin.
A supple raven blue leather rucksack (open), a leather purse (open), a dark maroon soft leather scabbard, a thin black soft leather wrist sheath, a hard sausage, a packet of nuts, a dried fruit, a jerky strip, a round of hard cheese, a huge heap of rye breadsticks and three excellent torches glow briefly.
Goodbye. Until next time.
Wow, the vellum ran away before I dropped it. Sybarun paper isn't like other paper.
Alea iacta est. Serius regredi est.

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