Funniest exploits/bugs

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Funniest exploits/bugs

Post by Budwise » 26 Jun 2020 17:49

This one has sadly gone away, so anecdotal...

But once upon a time there was a daughter of a sea god
and she had a magic shawl. If you hit her over the head,
she sometimes dropped it and fled.

All well and good. Only her dad was a bit overprotective
and after a while he would show up and demand the shawl back.
If you didn't fork it over, he would then proceed to drown you
which wasn't very nice.

So here's the exploit. If you put the shawl in a backpack
and gave that to him, he then proceeded to drown himself.
Very entertaining although he had no stuff so not really any advantage to it.
You got to keep the shawl a bit longer I think. :)

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Re: Funniest exploits/bugs

Post by Rincon » 26 Jun 2020 21:15

You could also kill bozaks when he was standing in the same room and the shards would hurt him :)

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Re: Funniest exploits/bugs

Post by Raelle » 28 Jun 2020 23:52

Shortly after the Warlocks of Faerun opened, I spotted Verminaard's companion, Ember, standing in a quiet hallway in Pax Tharkas. Strange - normally he stays by the Highlord's side, assisting him in combat. Pressing onwards through Pax I spotted Ember again, in another hallway... and then again, standing beside Verminaard in his study.

Some enterprising Warlock had found a way to chase Ember out of the study, allowing them to face Verminaard alone.
As Verminaard was killed and respawned, clones of Ember were brought into existence with him (and then driven away to strange corners of the fortress).

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