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Re: In game humor

Post by Onton » 11 Aug 2010 20:03

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Sensing your opportunity, you lunge with uncanny precision at the black-haired Kretan warrior, slashing him with your sharp two-handed sword! Blood sprays outward in a wide arc as your blade tears a lethal gash in his groin!
The eyes of the black-haired Kretan warrior bulge out in terror!
The black-haired Kretan warrior died.
You killed the black-haired Kretan warrior.

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Re: In game humor

Post by Uther » 11 Aug 2010 23:14

Tarax the Terrible wrote:
hektor wrote:Hunger can be a dangerous thing!

Having a huge team, solving a quest, obtaining what you need, old grumps telling you to get a move on.. and disaster strikes :)
Adriel arrives from the west.
Mersereau yells: So let's not waste everyone's time
The wary drider guard stops Uther from passing
Mersereau looks into his money-sack and quickly picks up its contents.
Ahith eats a deep dragon skin.

Uther goes ack!
Uther goes ack!
Mersereau goes ack!
Uther goes ack!
You grin merrily at Ahith.
Uther goes ack!
Uther goes ack!
Mersereau mumbles something about something else.

You say: What an appetite,
Nikiel whispers in your ear: yes
Uther screams loudly. ARRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
Nikiel whispers in your ear: he did not look that hungry
Uther pokes Ahith in the ribs.
Nikiel giggles merrily.
Ahith peers quizzically around.
Ahith yells: damned
Ahith sighs deeply.

Uther comforts Ahith.
Mersereau yells: I hope it taste good
Ahith yells: didnt know it is eatable
Ahith sighs deeply.
OMG Who of those myths and legends hasn't done the quest??
Should have used the ingot it then leaves two skins (well did until I created this forum "bug report").
Also what were the monks doing there? For Shame!!!
Looks like a golem tablet overkill mission.
Any two of you would have been enough, I think you had it covered!
I just want to say I was a GLADIATOR THEN!! Not a member of the DRAGON ORDER.

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Re: In game humor

Post by Anahita » 13 Aug 2010 05:49

Your long dragon-skin whip suddenly zings through the air, gashing the smelly
vile skeleton on its bottom and drawing upon its soul!

This smelly vile skeleton appears to be nothing but a set of animated bones.
Pinpoints of red light smolder in its empty eye sockets. Emanations of corrupt
energy can be felt whenever you catch its gaze. It seems to be controlled by a
force beyond that which is natural. You have to wonder WHO could possibly be
creating and controlling it.
It is wielding a rusty scimitar in its right hand.
It is fighting you.
It seems to be terribly hurt.
It is wearing a chipped plate armour.
It has a painful red welt on its bottom.

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Re: In game humor

Post by Alorrana » 13 Aug 2010 10:06

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Re: In game humor

Post by Bromen » 13 Aug 2010 20:49

You swing and twirl the long sharp naginata with great speed and skill.
The militiaman claps breifly.
You stab the militiaman's head with your long sharp naginata.
The militiaman died.

inept guards ftw!


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Re: In game humor

Post by Rhaegar » 13 Aug 2010 20:51

People are using nagi this days? :o
I thought it's considered crap-gear for today's standards...
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Re: In game humor

Post by Bromen » 15 Aug 2010 03:35

Nagi is a great weapon. It's just most can't utilize it's abilities.


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Re: In game humor

Post by Mersereau » 15 Aug 2010 06:37

You have just shown you can't. :P
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Re: In game humor

Post by Bromen » 16 Aug 2010 01:22

lol Mers. I really hate you sometimes.


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Re: In game humor

Post by Budwise » 16 Aug 2010 09:53

For those with golden scabbards.

"Draw fish"
- "There is no fish in your golden scabbard!"

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