Musicians of Genesis

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Musicians of Genesis

Post by Postmaster » 02 Apr 2020 19:37

Originally posted by Zardoz

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I have seen a lot of talent in the realms and the songs that people come up
with impress me a lot.
I have seen worrior talent, mage talent, questing talent, hunting talent,
puzzle talent, guild talent and so on.
When it comes from the heart, and iam sure all songs do, i like to listen. I
guess there is experience given for these songs.
I don't know how it works but hope these people get something. I was in the
casino today in Cadu and an idea came up that could work.
What if you could have an one arm bandit machine in there and you pulled the
arm and up pops up say three Mims. You get to hear the song
they made and you get a little experince from it and they do to. Lets say
quarter a of experience only if your wisdow is high enough.
Now to get this one arm bandit to work you got to put a token in it. Who has
tokens you say? Oh yeah and off duty Myth hired as a bouncer.
Now a bouncer could be a shark and loan you a token say for 60 plats. Maybe you
could buy these tokens for 50 plats. He make a little on
the side you get your token and put it in the slot. You pull the arm down and
up comes three chipmunks. Then you hear that shout ALVIN!
Oh you lose 50 plats, dang it, stomp. So now i own 60 plats to on duty Myth. On
duty Myth gets a bonus to don't you know.
Oh Myth on duty can;t be killed that day cause they are immortal that day but
with a price. Lars will take two deaths taht day you die.
Its all a gamble and everybody wins. Life is a gamble and I bet if I wanted to
hear some of these great songs I might even get killed
cause they are an enemy. Hey I want to hear songs. So just a thought to play
around with but maybe an adaptions simalar to this might work.
'hang on, Zardoz pulls down the arm and up pops three Auntybs, cheers i get to
hear one of her songs. You get experience!
Anybody for some Blackjack?

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