auction for non-robots

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auction for non-robots

Post by Postmaster » 19 Jul 2020 18:46

Originally posted by Rixe

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I propose that we make the auction house serve people instead of robots.
Sometimes the paddle will vibrate because something has gone up for auction,
and when I check the <aulist> several seconds later, the item has already sold.
It seems obvious to me that it was a robot, and not a person, that 1. found the
item's number, 2. read the description, 3. decided to buy it, 4. got the
necessary coinage ready, and 5. placed a bid, all within a second or two. I
understand that (assuming the player whose robot made the bid was attentive at
the time) this isn't against the rules, but I wonder if this is really how the
wizards want the auction house to work: making it all but impossible for people
to compete against robots for the choicest items. I'd like to see a delay put
in place (maybe up to several minutes long) so that people have an opportunity
to at least see what's on auction before it's snapped up by an algorithm.

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