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Travellers Council

Post by Zardoz » 07 Sep 2021 17:57

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OOC hang on I got to raise the arm on my album of STYX. SCRATCH! OOPS! You have
to lift it off not slide it. I got a copper tapped to the arm.  Guess I just
have Too Much Time on My hands. THIS IS ZZ here, TOP o the mornin to ya. What a
sunny morning it is so let me put on my not so cheap sunglasses here. Riddle me
this: WHat brand of sunglasses would a Vampire most likely endorse? Yeah it's
that brand. Not so cheap!  According to my Juilan calendar.... It was famously
said, Everything's better with butter in it. SO...  I had to butter Ckrik up
some. OH why not just throw in a whole STICK for all the wizards. What am I up
to today?  I want to throw my hat or well helmet in the ring and run for
Council for the Travellers Guild. I saw the last ones were Xena and Zizal so
I thought it's about time someone runs for it again. To be more democratic vote
for a traveller if that's your man or a  female traveller if that's your girl.
If interested, there are a lot of travellers out there good for the job. For my
campaign I want to say that I will STICK by you and STICK for you and STICK
with you.

Now to get you out of STICKY situations, I may not be here all the time but
will say I will STICK it out with you in time of need. To avoid all the
ruderick I will feed you good leadership that will STICK to your ribs.  I hope
this starts something that will STICK around for your vote. I see we have some
hecklers out there.  Now where did I STICK that handkerchief to wipe my brow?
tswearty Hang on let me STICK another album on. You Cant Always Get What You
Want around here you know. STICK around.. Oh! I see some of you leaving
already!  giggle  If this all doesnt work out then I guess youll see me
roasting on a STICK in some camp. Oh hum, Ckrik says pass the salt. Better
yet, I can't believe it's not butter!

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