Team Seekers List

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Team Seekers List

Post by Zar » 03 Mar 2011 16:09


Just another idea:
Sometimes people want to team, sometimes not.
Especially with so few people online, it would be nice to see who You can team
So my idea is teamfinder:
Everyone who wants to team turns it on:
teamfinder on.

And someone who looks for teammates will teamfindlist:
And will get the list:
Zar, champion, Mercenary/Pirate.

It will help people to find teammates and will save spam team proposals.

Possible Features:
Alignment: Some don't want to team with evils. It will give them opportunity to
see it.
Note: Like "EQ raids", "Terel trolls", "Fun party"


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Re: Team Seekers List

Post by Davvol » 03 Mar 2011 20:55

looks good. some time ago for old mercs there was poster in Sparkle AG, where they were able to sign names and wait for contract. looks like something similar, but for all ppls.

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Re: Team Seekers List

Post by gorboth » 03 Mar 2011 22:35

Some sort of poster or thematic construct could work. Something that just feels like an intrusive and system-based gameplay mechanic is not going to happen.

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Re: Team Seekers List

Post by Strider » 04 Mar 2011 22:13

The idea of facilitating teaming is a good one.

I think the appropriate thing here could be to tie this into the age-old trope of meeting in an inn.

I believe this might be best implemented in any bar, tavern or inn with an attendant. You tell the NPC the kinds of data Zar was suggesting and they repeat it either randomly or in response to a request from a character, perhaps only if they meet the criteria, until you either tell someone on the inn network to forget it, you drop the token you're given or log off and lose the token naturally.
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