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Donation Box

Post by Wolverine » 29 Aug 2011 11:42


I tried to toss in 10.000 silver coins in the Donation Box
and the box spitted it out right away.. So I walked to the
church and took a moment to think about it.

What if one could make some sort of coin-bags for all the
newcomers to grab, maybe 1 bag / each new face. And some
kind npc that helps you make it.

It could be nice for them to start out with 10 platinum,
100 gold and 1000 silver or something.


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Re: Donation Box

Post by Booger » 29 Aug 2011 15:04

A nice idea that probably many (most?) newcomers would appreciate a lot.

To me this game is already too nice (= low challenge rating), thanks to donation boxes, guild racks & nice people. So I'd say no. As with equipment, xp, knowledge, etc, I'd rather earn my money than have it given to me.
It's nice to see so many helpful people, ready to donate money to newcomers, gathering eq for racks and donation boxes, and ready to let lowbies tag along for xp. But where is the satisfaction in having it all given to you? Once you have maxed all skills you can max, gaining money quickly loses its charm, so I'd rather see it last for as long as possible.
I believe character improvement is one of the most important factors when it comes to enjoying the game. And once you are done with everything (quests, skills, money, exploring, ...) and only have the xp-part left, you'll run a major risk of turning into a pure grinder. And most people seem to agree that pure grinding isn't that fun after a while.
So no. Make things harder rather than easier!

However, I believe I am in minority, and I suspect this suggestion might help keep new people here. We might lose a few who feel the game is too easy, but will probably save a lot more that would have quit without a bonus like this, feeling the game is too hard (especially, apparently, the big step from Tutori Isle to the real world). So though I dislike it, it might very well be worth implementing.

Now that I've gotten to say how I feel, here are a couple of things to think about if this idea is implemented:
* Careful with abuse-possibility! Create a character and get to Sparkle, then just hand the money to a friend. Quit. Repeat.
My suggestion would be to split the money a little. A small sum when entering Tutori Isle, so you can train your skills a bit, and then the rest when you enter the portal to Sparkle, but _only_ if you have solved the vampire quest (or journal quest). That way you'll have to spend a few hours before you get it, and can't mass-produce money.
* Give it as rewards, rather than as a gift. People will probably feel better about it that way. Hetzel, eg, could give you some gold coins as well. Or a more valuable gem. And the big money could be an added reward to the journal-quest.

Edit: Just saw reply from Gorboth in a new thread: ... =26&t=1718

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