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Examples ...

Post by gorboth » 28 Jun 2008 22:32

The idea that a player can "rule" another player is very appealing to certain
types of roleplayers. Conversely, the idea that one "takes orders" from another
player is very appealing to certain types of roleplayers. Without the direct
ability to hold punishment, expulsion, etc over the head of subordinate
guild members, it is left to the integrity of roleplay on all sides to
achieve this effect. However, by giving players these abilities - literally
to rule their guild and all its members, we create a natural situation in
which the roleplay can occur regardless of the integrity of all parties.

One could argue that if roleplay is the real goal, that this should be
something one could achieve without the mechanism of "exclusive" code in
guilds. This is most certainly true. However, a (roleplay) chain is only
as strong as its weakest link and it would take but one person who decided
to join the guild and ignore the roleplay for the house of cards to fall.

Thus, we create the mechanism.

Hope this helps! I know not all will agree.
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