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re: Mortimor ...

Posted: 29 Jun 2008 04:15
by gorboth
I hear you Mortimor ...

This may be one of those areas in which we simply have "creative differences"
with regard to the philosophies that are best for the game. I guess here is
how I see it working, if you want to get into an "elite" roleplaying position
of power:

1. Present consistent, impressive roleplay.
2. In whatever fashion works best for you, get the attention of those
who hold the positions of power.
3. Study their desires and get a feel for what is going to get you
what you want.
4. Pay your dues by fulfilling these requirements for whatever time
frame is required to work you up the ladder.
5. Eventually, rise to levels of prestige in your given circle, and
now the role reverses, and you preserve the tradition that you have
yourself experienced.

Obviously, the game would be very frustrating indeed to "casual" players or
people who do not enjoy the above process if we made this the requirement
for the majority of guilds. I do feel that the pendulum has swung too far
toward making this the norm - and so part of what I'm interested in doing
is giving people ways to join guilds in a "lite" framework without the approval
of existing members. This has already been done for Calia, and is being
incorporated into some of the other guilds we are working on as well.

More on this later, though.