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re: Guild Entry

Post by gorboth » 30 Jun 2008 21:56

This is the best thread we've had in-game in a long time. Nice to know we
can compete with that dratted Eden forum! ;-)

Mortimor: Thanks for forcing the issue. Its a good one to reckon with.

Beregond: Thanks for initiating and further clarifying the purpose of the

Tharizdun: Thanks for the testimonial. You've given us a good example of how
the game can work for a certain type of player. I'd say few have the type of
patience you display, nor the steadfast adherance to role. That being said,
I do wish more were of your quality! :-)

Shlick: Indeed! The issue is that if we were to set up code to purge every
X number of days the inactive council members, they would soon figure out
that they need to log in every X number of days for 3 seconds just to make
sure they don't get purged. Thus, the issue isn't solved.

So ... the best suggestion I've heard so far is one that I've already been
pondering with the recode of all guilds. That being that we create a
walk-up-and-join method for EVERY guild. Yes, Morgul Mages, this means you
too. Now ... before the fury of the Tower is unleashed upon this former Lord
Nazgul, let me be clear. This doesn't mean we give access to the full guild
nor any of its real powers to those who want to walk-up-and-join. No. Rather,
it means we do for all guilds what we have already done with the Calian
Warriors. Petros has coded it so that you can literally walk up and join
the Calians now. Didn't know? Go get some! Yes, its true. But, the council
members of the guild still have FULL control over whether or not these
walk-up-and-joiners get to enter into "full" service. Essentially, they
get access to a few minor abilities at reduced tax, and official affiliation
with the guild.

So ... lets consider this. Those guilds who fancy themselves exclusive, please
mail me your best ideas for how this could work in your guilds. Better for
you to decide than I! ;-)

Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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