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re: Targun

Post by gorboth » 03 Jul 2008 22:57

Thanks for your ideas, Targun! :-)

They are somewhat similar to ones Louie has proposed. I feel they move us
too far away from the sort of game we have established over the nearly 20
years of Genesis. One is defined by one's guild in this game, and that is
something we have come to rely on in our understanding of the world. To
change something so fundamental as this would (as Kehr mentions) probably
change this game to feel completely unlike the Genesis we all know.

So, while it may have its merits, it isn't something we will probably be

Another point you make I do agree with however - that being that roleplay
and power should not go hand in hand. There should be (and are) very powerful
casual guilds. There should be (and are) relatively less powerful (offensively)
exclusive guilds. In general, what we are going to shoot for is the idea
that all guilds in the game have the same basic level of power. However,
some will trump others of a particular class (i.e. undead falling to clerics.)

Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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