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Re: Guild Entry

Post by Rhynox » 05 Jul 2008 03:23

I have taken my time to read all the replies, and noticed most of
my own points of view have already been presented. If you ask me,
I favor leaving the guild entry to NPCs, where anyone can become
a follower immediately, and if no objection from guild members is
presented withint two weeks, to make them trainees automatically.
However, final word should be from a member within the guild: We
would not really like to notice Dionysos, Mariuz or Goul joined
our guild while we were not around.

I won't give opinion about why the role playing guilds are, quite
ironically, the strongest in Genesis. The limitations imposed to
them are nothing compared to the advantages they obtain, as that
is up to the administration. I, however, find contradictory that
some wizards tell me they they want to make undeads in general as
powerful as read in fantasy books, yet they don't give them the
disadvantages they have. Having had a dwarf for 8 or so years, I
find it disappointing that ogres are considered as dexterous as
any hobbit, while at the same time multiplying the bonuses the
dwarven race gets for strength and constitution. Apparently, the
mother forgot to take care of her children and let them be, just
as I thought it would happen.

A final thought: I have talked with several guild leaders, who
have given opinions about guild leadership even before this note
was even considered. Some had said they don't find anyone who may
be able to fit the leadership role they need. Others say there
are just no active characters. And others, that the only active
members are not interested. However, even in these cases I think
we need humans in the high positions. Having only NPCs managing
the guild issues leaves us to the desires of the "system", who
will then decide what we should do. The few who have read the
article I pointed at in my Advanced Board note will immediately
know why I am against following orders of the "system".

Keep up the discussion, it is enlightening and entertaining at
the same time.

Rhynox' player

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