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re: Daerin

Post by Postmaster » 15 Mar 2016 15:34

Originally posted by Samiutka

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Hey hey!

The idea proposed by you seems nice, but it has one BIG flaw,
is anchored in the present "brute" system, which forces players
to solve riddles in order to enjoy themselves in another way.

Correct me if I am wrong but I was informed that the current system
of xp accumulation within the given stat ressembles a logarythmic curve
(for a >1), in other words the higher the stat, the more xp you need to
advance to another level, and one is unable to pass a certain treshold

So why bother with the current "brute" system at all?
If you want people to solve quests and emerge themselves in that
area of the game - fine, but let them do that volunteerly without
any pressure.
Do people like to grind their way up - FINE! let them do so!
And remove the death penalty along the recovery system, as the
current de-leveling is discouraging people from more violent interaction

Are you affraid of an open pvp ganking? Create "save zones" like
Sparkel, Calia, Solace, Green Oaks etc etc and killing areas
for players under Great Adventurer's level.

Maybe I am here too short, but I have observed a few personas who do as
Daerin said - they oscilate around ie. veteran/GA constantly for 2 months
but their title in a given guild rises rapidly.

I hate automated grinding, and I hate people who abuse any system taking
advantage of honest players, but unless there will be change to the brute
system - nothing will change.

Sami, Samiutka's player

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