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Re: Guild Entry and Roleplaying

Post by Rhynox » 15 Jul 2008 03:30

Madmartigan, some guilds may have a bigger or smaller role
playing background, true. However, some players treat the
guilds as a collection fo skills and nothing more.

For example, I remember Sionell, a monk, who used to assist
dragons whenever she found the dragonarmies attacking them
(Emerald in special). She may not have been strong, but she
did something you would expect from a monk. Nowadays you
may see monks who kill dragons regularly because they need
the items they are guarding.

Maybe it is time to move on, change the guilds to make them
a collection of skills you can choose from, and let each
decide their own custom titles, joining in clans instead of
guilds much like Mercenary causes? Just a thought, thinking
it may be what old players are looking for?

Rhynox' player

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