Your Top 10 Issues / Ideas?

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Your Top 10 Issues / Ideas?

Post by Postmaster » 09 Feb 2010 21:05

Originally posted by Tarax

1 Hahahah) Okay I will stop doing that.
(Still #1) Get more players campaign.
Arch of Advertising to be appointed.
Events and rewards for people bringing in new players via word of mouth.

2) Brute / Quest Exp reexamined.
Think about how we are doing things, focus on levelling playing field.
Do players need to be forced to quest?
Is brute as is the best way to control player size.
Active players should be able to grow at a reasonably similar rate.
Look at quests, get the tips published, work on the popular quests to iron out
Think about suggested Brute Caps, or doing away with brute entirely.

3) Continue the (thankless at times) balance effort.
Get all the guilds onto one system.
Look at the weapons and equipment bias is it justified?
Its a dirty job but I am glad someone is doing it.
Perhaps a council of impartial mortals could help, Swords users suggesting club
balance etc...
But maybe there are no impartial mortals. heh

3) More economy.
Work on the auction house to encourage greater use.
More clubs that act as money-sinks
Having your own castle was suggested before.
Old style merc dogs as the kennel club, pay to raise dogs, breed for different
traits etc.

4) WAR!! :twisted:
Work on our war systems.
Further develope coded warfare in Krynn spice it up.
Guild wars revamped! (No pun intended, much) heh
Ie guilds can officially declare war on one another, death costs whole guild
exp (fast recoverable) instead of the single player.
Or maybe when peace treaty is signed all players restored to old size. Loosers
paying tribute or whatever.

5) Not-A-Newbie ways for players to meet and team.
Warfare temples idea.
Cornerstone, roundabout etc were jumping off points.
Don't want to turn us into a chat "Hey I wanna grind icewall whos in" mud.
But want old returning players to be able to meet and greet with new people

6) Crowd control for all
Now it is not illegal and more guilds are having specials in this area, plus
equipment can too that rocks.
Needs to be available in a balanced way, perhaps a trapper craft guild could
help etc.
EG Someone ask the question why the DA's not get paralyze back when knights got
What are the SU going to be able to come back with when faced with an Ogre. etc

7) Alt-B Boss mode...
Well not exactly, just a reference to this old skool pc gaming function..
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to quit at the drop of the hat and not loose all
IE Only Armageddon triggers saving status. Non saving can go through normal
link death out.
But at a cost of numerous precious plats.
Something to help the casual/guilty player be able to be stop at very short

8) Tourney fun
Leaderboard, perks, matches played easily when two people on, benefits.
No holds barred, potion, heal and herb as you like.
Monthly / Quarterly royal rumble.
Logs posted on the web site.
Withstraint shown on the "Now nerf them" calls. (yeah right)

9) More utility spells etc around the place.
Talked before about making gardeners into an alchemist guild. Great idea!
Perhaps they could manufacture one use spell scrolls.
Identify, water breathing, skill boost, stat boost, you know the stuff.
Encouraged to auction extras.

10) Roleplay club.
Roleplay is one of the things that makes Gen special.
I know this sort of already exists but I am not a fan of the format.
Make a free to join club.
The main idea is to encourage roleplay.
Those who want to be roleplayers have something others recognise to show that.
Have it that others can rate their roleplay after interaction.
Possible to also leave anonymous constructive only criticism.
EG "I was really taken by your roleplat until you broke the mood with a =) in
the sentence."
Discard top and bottom ones to get an average minus spitefull ratings.
Reward high rated players with ability to emote.
Perhaps an item they can create to fit their back story.
EG "Tarax sniffs his scrap of wolf pelt wistfully.
Tarax says: Ahh wolfie you were my best friend until that day with the gnomish
steam engine stole you away!
Tarax bursts into tears."

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Re: Your Top 10 Issues / Ideas?

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 10 Mar 2010 14:41

Threaded discussion!!
Love it.

Looking forward to seeing this forum get its own top 10 topic and seeing new ideas come forward.
Join up and help each other with Quests :)

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