Surviving Armageddon

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Surviving Armageddon

Post by Postmaster » 01 Jun 2018 13:20

Originally posted by Aitsuki

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Hey, there's this problem that we all face that we just can't seem to feel
grieved about each time Armageddon comes. Some of us have special items that we
wanted to keep forever but, most times they just don't glow. What I would just
like to suggest is that, if we are able to <keep> items so we can't sell them,
if we can be able to keep other items by making them glow? Of course, if we can
only choose up to 3 items we would like to 'glow' forever, it would really make
things a little more fair... There are different reasons for wanting to keep
items and mine are because they are a little special to me. One of those items
would be an emerald ring which was given to me by a friend. The other would be
an ethereal crystal chainmail which was the very first thing I bought in an
auction. Either because of the price, it's rare to find, or it's been given by
somebody special to you, I want to be able to keep those...

I hope you can consider...

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