Herbalist POV and RE: Forgery, the guild

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Herbalist POV and RE: Forgery, the guild

Post by Postmaster » 17 Nov 2018 21:09

Originally posted by Redblade

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Adding my point of view as a herbalist - you don't really have it too much
different with the Smiths. Your basic goal for title is to gather as many
varieties, as you can. Where, you are still limited by your herbalism skill,
for the guild does not offer very high training. You spent ages looking for new
herbs, wich is the harder, the more you already found.
Herbing it self does not yield any great experience, nor the coin is utterly
great, for the most expensive herbs are always either hard to find, or grow on
small areas (exceptions exist).

As a comment to Forgery guild - I as a Herbalist wouldn't really enjoy working
for somebody from Forgery guild, just so they could advance - at least not in
big amounts of time.
And then again, there are uhm, unnamed guilds, that prefer not to use poisons
and try to avoid/prevent the usage of poisonous weapons as much as they can.
It's a part of their roleplay. Such herbalists would have little role to play
in forging poisonous weapons, despite the fact, that being a Herbalist aids
them and fits their roleplay.

These are, of course, only my thoughts and opinions on the given topic. :)
Enjoy the game,
Player behind Redblade :)

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