Trigger controling

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Trigger controling

Post by Postmaster » 01 Feb 2019 20:30

Originally posted by Redblade

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Greetings, everybody.

I have a suggestion.
I have quite a few triggers, that I do not always leave on (they concern
herbing, assisting specific people, colouring that can be useful but get's
annoying and so on).
I am a web client user - so each time I switch between on/off with each
trigger, I have to click the Settings button, select a trigger, disable/enable
it and close the window. All the time, I cannot react to anything in the game.
So, my suggestion (maybe it's a hard-to-code one) - could there be a command to
switch triggers?
As in, in game command, something I can type the same way as <examine sword>,
or so.

There is a possibility, that such command already exists and I was just not
able to discover it - in that case, I beg the reader to not hestitate and hit
me up with a mail. Many thanks in advance :)

Player behind Redblade :)
Player behind Redblade

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