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Post by Postmaster » 21 Jan 2020 05:28

Originally posted by Ruiroy

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As a good-aligned Magi of Poolbottom, I have tried and failed to support the
Dragonarmies. It strikes me as strange that there is a restriction for me.
According to the history of Krynn [as someone who has not read the Dragonlance
books, but spends a sizable amount of time in Krynn and Ansalon, reading
library books and whatnot], Magi have traditionally been shunned by the
Knights. So only White-Robed Magi can join the Knights. That makes sense; not
complaining. However, what sense does it make to restrict Red-Robed Magi from
joining the Dragonarmies? And what of younger Magi?
The Solace area is a hive for quickly changing battles. It doesn't house any
officials or high officials, and definitely no dragons. Even when good-aligned
troops come marching in, they are less numerous and more easily conquere than
they would be in other places. HOWEVER...
For young Magi, who would spend ages in the Solace area, herbing, grinding,
selling, buying, training, searching... they spend a lot of time conquering
battlefields. And if only the Neidar and Free People allow them to join,
well... it starts being this annoying force where nobody can conquer anything
because it's already been conquered. It is an important place for new players
of ALL alignments and allegiances to begin their warfare-related journey, not
just for the few lucky ones who have one moment where the Dragonarmies might
maybe be controlling the area.
Even now, as I look at a Krynnian warmap, I see that Neidar and Knight forces
are king. No surprise, then, since young Magi have literally no choice but to
join the Free People [or the less ideologically aligned Neidar Clan]. The
Dragonarmies lose out on valuable fighting power by excluding all but the most
hardline "evil" and extremely experienced Magi. And younger warfare enthusiasts
cannot get off the ground, especially if they are Magi like I.
Additionally, if a Dragonarmy controls an area, it is actually encouraged [I
may be wrong, but I know for a fact that it is neither discouraged nor against
any rules] to begin fighting them if you are also Dragonarmy [but, white fights
green, NOT green fights green]. So the reverse does not slow down anyone any
more at all.
Also, historically it makes sense for the Knights to only allow White-Robed
Magi, but does that not also mean that mages may be more inclined to help out
their opposition, the Dragonarmies? And while I have read the argument that
[in-universe] the Dragonarmy does not need more spellcasters, well, that isn't
true. Even a few titles ago in the guild, I had double the offensive and
defensive skills that any one of their bozaks had [Yes, auraks are tough and
deserve their reputation, but they are also not exactly the most common of
draconians, and are far outnumbered by bozaks]. They really don't not need more
spellcasters. Heck, in-universe, spellcasters may be even more inclined to ally
with the Dragonarmies (DAs from now on b/c it's a long word).
And lastly there is the problem with the grown-up Magi. While I could
definitely understand banning White-Robed mages if there is a change to be
implemented, Red-Robed should not be excluded. They fall on the side of not
really being passionate about Knights, and can be of any alignment. They can be
good but support the DAs, and they could be evil. Good wins when neutral was
specifically barred from helping Evil. Also, in regards to younger Magi: I do
feel like this is a far more productive way to address the Solace Area
conquering and all other conquering. Magi are required to spend ages in Krynn
and Ansalon, even while younger. They are taught that institutions like the
Knights actively dislike and discourage them. And they are still tougher than
baaz, kapaks, bozaks, sivaks. The DAs need them. The Free People could use some
depopulating, being an easy, neutral-ish, default option for new wagers of war.
Also, it brings a more diverse selection of loot (a bit odd, yes, but I don't
really want to browse Neidar armour, since it is pretty heavy, while someone
more battle-oriented might prefer to avoid the less protective but lighter
stuff that some Free People armies might wear), which is I think pretty nice
for all involved.
In conclusion:
Allowing younger Magi to join Dragonarmies would be beneficial to a group that
spends much of its time in Krynn and Ansalon
Red-Robed Magi should not be excluded from DAs, since they can be just as evil
as the Dragonarmies themselves, and at least tend to be less respecting of
existing law institutions.
The Solace Area is a way for younger players to start breaking into the world
of Krynnish warfare, and its movement is stagnated by a concentration of Free
People-aligned players (a lot of mages of Poolbottom especially, I am sure).
A greater variety of loot is more interesting for players, but also, it allows
players of all alignments to break into the Krynnish warfare by attacking a
variety of ever-changing armies.

While this issue is not an emergency, it is important to me, as a player who
spends a lot of time running around Solace, but none of it being able to attack
its armies. And as a future Robed Magi, especially as one who is likely to go
Red-Robed with an overall but not necessarily exclusively good alignment, this
means a lot for my future as a character and player. So I am deciding to write
about it.
I hope this will be taken under consideration. Thank you very much for your


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